Beautiful paintings of Aylee Kim

The Beautiful Paintings of Aylee Kim

I am Aylee lives in Brisbane, Australia. There you can see three big series in my paintings these days called light, waves and path.

Artist Aylee Kim

Light series are about memories.

The memories we always have in mind, but not clear because they are faded by time.

In the painting, I tried to hold the lights in shape just like we tried to remember some special moment. This series are all more clear from a distance, but becomes like a puzzle in front.

When the light series tells about the past, Ocean series are talking about the present.

All life events come like sea waves toward us. We are facing to the horizon while those waves comes and goes.

In my landscapes, I tried to put everything I can see in the scene. Then I added colours in my mind. I believe this little difference gives people inspiration. When I paint those houses, I imagine their characters like people. Just like dogs follows their people, houses must be like the people live in.

One day I wish I publish a travel book with my paintings in, which leads people from real to fantasy.

Hope you have more colours in your life with my painting- @Aylee Kim

On the lighthouse painting by Aylee Kim

One moment cityscape painting by Aylee Kim

Reminiscent ocean painting by Aylee Kim

Sweet dream nature painting by Aylee Kim

Up in the Air beautiful nature flower field painting by Aylee Kim

Sunset sea painting by Aylee Kim

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