Wall woodland mural painting by Georgie Stewart

Beautiful Nature Wall Mural Paintings Artist Georgie Stewart

The mural depicts an explosion of local wildlife from the site’s surrounding area. I had so much fun researching all of the different species of mural bird painting, animals, butterflies, flowers, trees and insects to include in the artwork. If you look closely there are even a few little magic mushrooms that have snuck their way in too!

A sense of dynamism was incredibly important for me – I wanted the mural to be full of life and movement. All of the animals within the painting are moving, running or flying in the direction of the building’s natural light, as if they are chasing the sunshine outside. The plant life and weather elements are also growing and moving in this direction, instilling the work with a sense of flow and energy. I made sure to include lots of little details that would continue the idea of nature’s wildness, for example a branch that wraps around the return corner of the wall rather than cutting the image off abruptly at the wall’s edge.

Nature mural painting by Georgie Stewart

There’s a subtle transition of the seasons from wall to wall, starting with a scene that suggests winter with a fox, holly, brambles and bare branches. The next wall shows red squirrels and the falling leaves of autumn, before blooming into a summery scene by the water with luscious leaves, a kingfisher and heron on the final adjacent wall. Although the seasons within them change, throughout the three walls I maintained a tropical, vibrant colour palette to emulate the warm, joyful feeling I wanted the artwork to express. Through use of bold, arresting, playful shapes and colours, my aim was for the overall effect of the project to be uplifting. I really hoped to create something that could be a delight for the eyes – I love complex pieces with new little details to find each time you revisit the work.

Setting myself regular challenges within my practice keeps me inspired, and this was the first time I’ve taken on a project of such a large scale. The entire project to eighty-six hours to complete – no mean feat, but well worth the hard work! ~ georgiestewart.com

Animal mural wall painting by Georgie Stewart

Birds Mural wall art by Georgie Stewart

Birds mural art by Georgie Stewart

Mural painting designs by Georgie Stewart

Nature painting a mural by Georgie Stewart

Wall woodland mural biggest painting by Georgie Stewart

Wildlife wall mural painting by Georgie Stewart

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