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The Artworks of Guido De Oliveira

I am a traditional artist, who grew up in a multicultural and artistic family. My father was very good at architectural drawing and my mother showed me the way through music encouraging me to play musical instruments. I started my artistic learning process by attending art classes specialized in watercolor, a mean that I use ever since. Together with watercolor painting, I taught myself in drawing with Chinese ink and learning pointillism, a technique I love pretty much. Finally, I started some years ago in learning to paint with acrylics, a mean that suited perfectly to me and fulfilled the need in expressing myself through realism, hyperrealism and surrealism. I have different projects ongoing with the aim of starting my first solo exhibition and developing my own artistic style and trademark. I also do run an art site on Facebook with over 8500 followers, called “Guiarte”, where I promote all kinds of artists. I am also working on different commissions, one of which is an art cover of a music LP. As I am very active in literature too, writing a Novell, I use this field and contacts to design also book covers and illustrating them. ~ Guido de Oliveira

watercolor painting landscape“Past & Present” Watercolor

acrylic landscape painting“Boletus Edulis” Acrylic on canvas, 30×40 cm

moonlight acrylic painting“The Two Sentinels” Acrylic on canvas, 50×70 cm.

acrylic on canvas painting

“Baby leopard is going out for a walk” Acrylic on canvas, 50×40 cm.

Damaged vintage car acrylic painting“Glory of the Past I” Acrylic on canvas, 50×70 cm.

Vintage Car Painting“Glory of the Past II” Acrylic on canvas board 33×41 cm.

book cover art painting“Book Cover”

Hyper realistic automotive painting“Glory of the Past III” Acrylic on canvas, 50×70 cm.

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