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Amazing Optical Illusions Body Paintings by Sarah Murphy

My name is Sarah Murphy, I’m a French makeup/bodypaint/art enthusiast and I started doing makeups back in 2017, on one very hot summer night where I decided it’d be fun to turn into Scar from the Lion King. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea lol. That was my first facepaint and in all honesty it wasn’t very good but every now and then I share the picture along with a newer one, to show people it’s possible to improve your skills, with hard work and practice!

Ever since I have been challenging myself with all kinds of makeup styles: from bodypaint to optical illusions, celebrity transformations, beauty makeups, SFX and more…

My love for makeup dates back to when as a child I would sit on my mom’s bed every morning and watch her do her morning makeup routine. All the color combinations on the palettes, the textures and smells fascinated me and triggered something that later on would become an obsession and something I want to do for a living.

I am inspired by everything and anything, from art itself, music, nature, animals to food but also my own dreams and nightmares, books, light, textures, fabrics and I would like to help eventually other artists grow and get known for their talent. There are so many incredibly creative and gifted people out there but it’s very hard to make a name on social media… My goal is to become big enough so I can open a makeup/bodypaint school, create my own line of products and have a fair online platform where people can learn art and share their wonderful work with the world without relying on a very stressful algorithm!

My artist’s name is Sarah Magic Makeup and slogan is “You Can Be Anything”, which goes beyond transforming through makeup. By it I mean you can be whoever you want to be if you set your mind to it.

Aries Zodiac Sign Makeup Tutorial by Sarah MurphyAries makeup – Part of My Zodiac Signs Series

Galaxy and Cubes Makeup look by Sarah MurphyCubes and Stars Illusion Makeup Look

God of War Video Game Body painting by Sarah MurphyGod of War Video Game Inspired Bodypaint and Makeup

Grogu Mandalorian Body paint by Sarah Murphy

Grogu Bodypaint from The Mandalorian on Disney

Inverted effect makeup look by Sarah MurphyInverted Effect Scary Makeup Look

Monarque Butterfly illusion makeup by Sarah Murphy“You Give Me Butterflies” Illusion Makeup Art

Queen Azshara Body painting tutorial by Sarah MurphyAzshara from WOW bodypaint

Queen Azshara Body Painting Tutorial

Vegeta Character body painting by Sarah MurphyVegeta from Dragon Ball Z bodypaint

Sliced Face Illusion Makeup Tutorial

Creepy illusion makeup look by Sarah MurphyCreepy Door Illusion inspired by Resident Evil

BMT Sandwich paint on leg by Sarah MurphyBMT sandwich paint on my leg, inspired by Subway sandwiches

Yzma Disney Character Makeup Tutorial

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