Realistic Portrait Paintings by Monika Rembowska

Realistic Portrait Paintings by Artist Monika Rembowska

Monika is a painter who lives and works in Milan; she from a very young age she has always shown a remarkable passion for figurative art.

The subjects she loves to represent are young girls depicted in their flowering and children. Rembowska fixes on canvas their tenderness and innocence of souls still untouched by the vicissitudes of life.
The artist captures fleeting moments of real life photographically, apparitions of faces laid bare, which reveal different moods: from love to joy, from hope to melancholy.
As for the technical-graphic aspect, Rembowska really has an innate talent, great ability to represent, characterized by meticulous precision that does not let even the smallest details escape. The faces portrayed her seem to come to life, the complexion is delicate and very similar to the real one.
Her eyes, made in a technically flawless way, in addition to being marked by a peculiar brilliance, reveal the state of mind of the subject represented.
The chromatic texture is another strong point of this great artist, who arranges the colors on the canvas with impressive craftsmanship and delicacy of touch.
Subjects, technique, use of color, glazes, lights and shadows create a mix of emotions, which somehow put the viewer in the artist’s shoes, infecting him with a passion for art. Monikarembowska

Stunning realistic portrait painting by Monika Rembowska

The green eyed Afghan girl Oil painting by Monika Rembowska

Ho ascoltato un aquila Oil painting by Monika Rembowska

La luce dello spirito dell'aquila Oil painting by Monika Rembowska

Beautiful Indian girl painting by Monika Rembowska

Melancholy realism painting by Monika Rembowska

Spirit of the hawk Pastel drawing by Monika Rembowska

African Mother and Daughter Painting by Monika Rembowska

Ghanaian little girl Colored pencil drawing and soft pastels by by Monika Rembowska

Le carezze delle ombre Oil painting by Monika Rembowska

Pensierosa Oil painting by Monika Rembowska

The drops on the glass Oil painting by Monika Rembowska

Spirito libero Oil painting by Monika Rembowska

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