Beautiful Illustration Art by Figen Demireva

Figen Demireva graphic designer and Illustrator

Figen Demireva is a graphic designer, illustrator, and painter. She’s always been passionate about aesthetics and human perception and the impact on those perceptions shapes, textures, patterns, and the world of art & design as a whole have.

Loving to dive deeper into what’s important for the human soul and heart, what sets us on fire and what makes us keep on moving forward—she enjoys creating artwork that can feed exactly those, needs when it comes to personal projects.

Her work is very diverse and doesn’t go into one specific category, rather could be described as abstract–sometimes loud and bold and sometimes still and deep as water.

The philosophy Phi lives by involving seeing the realms of art and design as specific languages which we learn to communicate important messages & ideas. .

She is on the lifelong quest of achieving being fluent on talking and translating– the emotions we have, seek, hide and the ones we to talk about. Just like visual poetry.

Currently employed by an agency based in New York, as a graphic designer & illustrator, Phi continues to grow both as a creative and human. ~

 Swimming pool illustration art by Figen Demireva“Ataraxis” Vector illustration

Thinking woman illustration art by Figen Demireva“Golden Hour” Procreate illustration

The Pool Vector illustration by Figen Demireva” By the Pool” Vector illustration

Love illustration art by Figen Demireva

“August Poem” Procreate illustration

Mystery Lady Procreate illustration by Figen Demireva“Mystery Lady” Procreate illustration

Girls just wanna have fun Procreate illustration by Figen Demireva“Girls just wanna have fun” Procreate illustration

Summer Dance Procreate illustration by Figen Demireva“Summer Dance” Procreate illustration

Ode to Aphrodite Vector illustration by Figen Demireva“Ode to Aphrodite” Vector illustration

City of Light Procreate illustration by Figen Demireva“City of Light” Procreate illustration

Aesthetic Character Study Procreate illustration by Figen Demireva“Aesthetic Character Study” Procreate illustration

Evgeny Grinko - Valse piano illustration by Figen Demireva

Videoclub - Suricate figurative illustration by Figen Demireva

Yellow Days figure illustration by Figen Demireva


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  1. Phi is a great professional and extremely talented! It’s rare nowadays for illustrations to evoke such deep, raw feelings in a person, but the way she chooses the colors and compositions… you can almost feel what she was feeling with each stroke. Extraordinary!! Bravo 👏

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