Rajacenna created simultaneously hyper realistic drawings

Ambidextrous Artist Created Realistic Drawings and Paintings With Both Feet and Hands

Quadridextrous ambidexter Rajacenna has now created simultaneously 8 realistic drawings and paintings with both feet and hands upside down.

While she coordinates multiple limbs at the same time, she manages to create stunningly realistic portraits of 8 of the world’s most famous celebrities, including Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, Zendaya, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Audrey Hepburn, and TikTok phenomenon Khaby Lame. With over 155 million followers, the latter is the worldwide number 1 TikToker, and after Rajacenna’s latest TikTok video reached 4 million views in 24 hours, he made an Instagram story about her.

The creation of 4 drawings and 4 paintings with both hands and feet simultaneously is the runner-up project to her previous global viral four-limb drawing video which has been viewed on social media over 100 million times and where she created 6 artworks at the same time. ~ rajacenna.com

Created simultaneously 8 realistic drawings by Rajacenna

Hollywood & NBC
She drew attention of triple crown Academy Award actress Viola Davis, who personally presented Rajacenna to Hollywood. Rajacenna was hired by Sony Pictures to create a promotional video and to immortalize the 5 leading actors of the successful epic film ‘The Woman King’ with both feet and hands at once.

Viola Davis on Rajacenna: “OMG!!! Love, love, love these amazing points!!! You are so extraordinary talented”.

NBC, where Rajacenna was a guest, called her a ‘superhero with super powers’. Former ‘Saved by the Bell’ actor Mario Lopez says: “Might be one of the most talented people l’ve ever seen”

Hearts Hunter
Rajacenna is also installed as ‘Hearts Hunter’ for the municipality of Rotterdam to represent people with disabilities to help them get a job.

She informs employers with a social heart about pay-cost subsidy who can give this group of employees a little more space to develop when needed.

Just as Rajacenna has special gifts, each person has unique talents that can be used in society and that is why the always positive artist would like to be a binding factor. She knows all too well what it is to be unable to participate fully in society due to health problems.

An EEG brain scan showed that Rajacenna’s right and left brain hemispheres are 3 times more fully connected than normal, contain an Einstein brain signature, has the highest ever measured brain peak performance and the scan showed a very unusual epileptic form activity, which does obviously not lead to an actual seizure.

“Rajacenna is an extraordinary human being, she has a very exceptional brain”: Bill Scott, neuro therapist and world’s number one EEG Biofeedback expert. “I’ve never seen this in someone’s brain.”

Draws with feet and hands 8 realistic portraits upside down!

The same time 8 realistic drawings with both feet and hands

Quadridextrous Artist Created Realistic drawings with both feet and hands

What celebrities think of Rajacenna:

Justin Bieber: “Rajacenna’s artistic talent is amazing”

Mario Lopez (Saved By The Bell): “Might be one of the most talented people I’ve ever seen”

Mr. Beast: “It is factually the coolest thing I’ve ever seen”

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