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Materials You Need for a Complete Home Aesthetic Overhaul

Homeowners are now concerned about the aesthetic appeal as much as their homes’ overall structure and foundation. After all, having a well-designed home has many benefits. One of the most sought-after advantages is the comfort and pleasant feeling it offers.

Of course, living in an aesthetically pleasing home could boost your confidence and keep you more focused. If you think it’s about time to revamp your plain and boring home setup, We have listed the essential materials you will need for a complete home aesthetic overhaul.

Image Source by Terry Magallanes
Image Source by Terry Magallanes


You can accessorize different spaces within the house with decorative items like rugs, artwork, and throw pillows. You can add a floating nightstand to your space for a minimalistic vibe.

To spruce things up in your comfortable room, install a bathroom door rack with multiple shelves to store items like lotion and other skincare products. Like shoes, rugs are an outfit of the house that will complete its look.

You can make a statement with rugs or have it as a complementary piece to other items in your space. The colors and patterns of the rugs could affect the mood you will feel once you enter a specific part of the house.

For instance, blue rugs could make your home look clean and sanitized. Meanwhile, rugs with darker colors could make everything appear smaller. They could also be great options for places with colder climates since they could make a space look cozy and warm.

Paint and Wallpaper

Paint and wallpaper can either make or break the aesthetics of your home. Primarily, paint and wallpaper will serve as the backdrop of your place. Because the walls are the most visible structures in a home, they could essentially impact the overall visuals.

Moreover, paint and wallpaper are made of colors that greatly influence your mood. Depending on what you want to feel inside your house, you can choose from variations of warm colors that can make a space look exciting and energized or cool colors that make it calming and comforting.

In addition, the pattern and texture that pain and wallpaper could add are also crucial to the look of your home. You can consult your interior designer for custom patterns that you would like to have and see if they could work for your space.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right colors and patterns for your home. As mentioned, you have to decide what feeling you would like to be conveyed by the space.

For instance, you should pick appetizing colors like red and orange in your kitchen. If you want your living room to be inviting, yellow could be the perfect color. For whites, you should know that they come in many varieties.

Some have warm and brownish undertones. Make sure to test several at once so you can pick which one would suit your taste.


When you enter a house, you will first come in contact with the flooring. Therefore, the flooring can also largely influence your home’s functionality and aesthetics.

There are many trending flooring materials that many homeowners would like to take inspiration from. However, some materials won’t work with home design since they are more suitable in commercial establishments like restaurants and cafes.

With so many flooring designs, textures, and colors, picking what would best suit your home could be tricky. To make the decision-making simpler, just think of some crucial factors to consider: budget, size of the space, and location of the flooring.

Check first if the flooring you will install will be exposed to radiant heat. If the answer is yes, make sure to ask for materials that are radiant heat-compatible. Moreover, buy 10% more materials than the estimated flooring size. This way, you will still have excess materials in case of bad pieces and mistakes during the installation.

Solid hardwood is the most popular flooring option for those who want a stylish look and feel. Laminate flooring could be the best choice for those who want a cheaper alternative. Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile are smart picks for more modern and attractive flooring options.

Luxury vinyl plank and vinyl tile could also work for those who desire realistic patterns and textures.


Decorative and functional pieces of furniture complete an aesthetic home. Also, without furniture, your space would look empty and dull.

When placed properly within the house, their weight, mass, and quantity could give you a balanced view of the space. Moreover, furniture helps with the flow of space and circulation inside your house.

Based on the designer’s perspective, furniture with round edges is preferable to the ones with sharp edges. This is because round edges could make you feel safer than sharp edges that could give you a risky impression as you navigate the house. This doesn’t mean all furniture in your house should have round edges. Consider variations and focus on the main pieces first.


Lighting is a crucial element in enhancing the ambiance and aesthetic of your home. There are many types of lighting styles to choose from. But first, think of the feeling you want the lighting to deliver.

For instance, brighter lighting could boost positive energy inside the house. You can improve the general atmosphere of the house during gloomy weather by installing bright lamps in strategic places.

Dimmer lights are also essential in controlling the ambiance of a specific room by having multiple lighting style choices that you can change instantly. Color temperatures and light bulbs could also influence a space’s overall look. For a warmer glow, fluorescent light is preferable. If you want to illuminate the space with blue light, an LED bulb could be the perfect choice.

Final Thoughts

The tips for a complete home aesthetic overhaul included in this guide are game-changers. They can transform your space into something fabulous and extraordinary. Revamp your home now by consulting a designer who can translate your imagination into something visibly appealing.

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