Original Oil Paintings on canvas by Sidrah Hakim

The Artworks of Sidrah Hakim

Sidrah Hakim is an artist from India. Creativity has many dimensions and one can express it in many ways, Her way however is painting.

Being an art lover, She always believed a picture can speak a thousand words…even more when hands, soul, colors, and imagination are involved.

Pursuing her talent since the age of 11, she decided to express her thoughts and emotions through art and make them reach places and people through her paintings, and to share what she felt with those who feel the same, She decided to share them with all. ~ sidrah hakim

“Fallen Angel” Oil on canvas 24″X30″

“The Maze” Oil on canvas 30″X30″

“Entangled” Oil on canvas 36″X36″

“Autumn” Oil on canvas 24″ X 36″

“The Monk” Oil on canvas 20″ X 20″

“The Moon Rise” Oil on canvas 60″X36″

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