Beautiful Face Painting by Natalia
Makeup Art

Beautiful Face Painting Natalia Makeup Artist

My name is Natalia and I’m from Poland. My biggest passion is makeup since I was a kid! When I was little, I’ve been painting on paper of course. I have so many drawings from my childhood. But the older I was the more I wanted to try something else. So I started to paint on my face! I love everyday makeup but my favourite is art makeup. I like to combine these two things and here I am. Hard work, many hours of practice and persistence. Makeup does not have to be boring. I can paint literally everything and make it fun and cool. I can express myself and what I feel.

Makeup definitely is an art for me. I have so many new ideas for my makeup and I’m trying to learn and do something new everyday! I want and I believe that my future is connected with makeup. Right now I’m studying makeup and art, I do makeups on myself almost everyday and I also do my clients makeups. I take pictures of my work and I love making short videos, tutorials and tiktoks! I share my biggest passion on the internet because I want to show everyone that it is worth to chase your dreams and do what you love! Never give up and try harder everyday no matter what. I hope I can inspire other girls, younger than me to do makeup and proudly call it an “ART”. ~ bynatalija

Eye makeup arts by Natalia

Butterfly eye makeup art by Natalia

Colorful Fairy Makeup by artist Natalia

Sagittarius makeup look by Natalia

3d snake makeup art by Natalia

Bloody makeup looks by Natalia

Half x ray makeup looks by Natalia

Spider makeup on face by Natalia

Snickers bar makeup looks by Natalia

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