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Trendy Nail Art Designs by Raiza

My name is Raiza. I’ve always been interested in doing my nails even before I created my account. My love for nail polish grew even more when I learned new techniques and skills on how to create nail art. Gradient was the first technique I’ve ever tried and it has been one of my favourites since then.

I started my account around the start of quarantine, mainly to have a platform where I can post my nail designs for Holo Taco nail art competitions and never in my wildest dreams I would’ve imagined it to gain traction. Being a part of the nail community was one of the best experience I’ve ever had! I am incredibly blessed to have met such amazing and talented nail artists all over the world to which some of them I’m now good friends with!

I personally enjoy doing freehand designs the most. Whether it’s abstract, detailed, or some random shapes/lines I always feel this great satisfaction every time I finish a manicure that I paint myself. I definitely learned other nail techniques and skills from other artists which I constantly practice to get better at until now.

Water marble is the one I would consider my favourite technique of all! Yes, it’s messy and quite frustrating sometimes but the result never fails to amaze me!

Stamping is another thing, it’s sort of a love and hate relationship. I love how it makes the process easier as long as you know how to work your way with the stamping plate but personally, I felt I’m being limited with what I can do with this technique unless I have the perfect plate to go with what I originally planned. But the good thing about that is it gives you the chance to be more creative and resourceful on how you utilize the tools that you have.

This account used to be just my own nail diary but my love for creating these designs has given me the chance to present my art and this platform gave me the opportunity to show my love and support to my fellow nail artists and/or swatchers. ~ @raixnails

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