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Creates Ephemeral Nature Art

My name is Lucia Pec, I am 48 years old, and I live with my husband and two doggy girls in Srni, a little village in the bohemian forest mountains in Czech Republik. We moved here from Hamburg in Germany in the year 2005. I have czech parents, but I was born and grew up in Germany. I traveled a lot through the world, visited Australia, Canada, the USA and Alaska in my 20th, later I studied biology and worked as a nature guide and nature teacher for many years here in Czech Republik. Nature has always been the place where I feel home and where I feel whole. We left Hamburg to live in nature and from the first day since we moved here, I love this landscape with all my heart. I have been creative all my life, but here in nature I really started to enfold that part of me more and more. I am the happiest and feel totally fulfilled when I can go outside, explore intuitively the forests and meadows of this beautiful landscape and see which material wants to go into a magic creative process with me. My creations are always ephemeral, I create them with great respect and care for mother nature and in connection with all the elements around me, and they always stay where I created them, so that nature can take them back. I only bring some pictures of my artworks home with me.

During winter we travel south like many birds and spend some months in Portugal, where I can create with stones, shells or driftwood on stunning wild beaches. I am grateful every day to live the life I have and to be surrounded by the most beautiful nature. I hope my creations can touch some open hearts and deepen our awareness for ourselves as part of nature.

Lucia Pec nature artwork

Lucia Pec ephemeral art ideas

Nature in art Lucia Pec

the art of nature Lucia Pec

Lucia Pec Art and nature

Lucia Pec art nature mandala

Lucia Pec Mandala art by nature

Lucia Pec nature art with leaves

Lucia Pec Beautiful nature art

beauty of ephemeral art Lucia Pec

beauty of nature art Lucia Pec

Lucia Pec Nature Artist Nature Artist

create beauty of nature art Lucia Pec

Lucia Pec create nature art shells

shells natures art Lucia Pec

Lucia Pec art nature shells

Nature ephemeral art Lucia Pec

Nature of natures art Lucia Pec

The art made with stones Lucia Pec

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Facebook: @MyBeachArt

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