Charcoal Portrait Drawings Artist Jeff Haines

Portrait and Figure Artist Jeff Haines

My name is Jeff Haines and I am a portrait and figure artist currently living in California.

Drawing and painting people is a challenging pursuit, but the attempt to capture someone’s spirit while juggling form and anatomy has always fascinated me. It feels like chasing something intangible at times, but when it appears on the page or canvas in front of you, you know it, and it’s always a thrill when that happens. I try to work in an impressionistic way rather than hyper-realistic, choosing a direct, bold application of the medium and simplified form over more complex rendering. My work has grown much looser over the years, and as I experiment with different techniques and approaches, my artistic style has evolved. I don’t think that an artist simply chooses their style, I think it develops through years of making similar aesthetic choices in their work and at some point it becomes recognizable and unique. I believe that one of the best compliments an artist can hear is that his or her work is immediately recognizable.

Drawing is a very Zen thing for me. I highly recommend it to anyone and I’m always delighted when someone tells me that I’ve inspired them to start drawing, It’s a focused and meditative state of mind that can be quite addicting when practiced regularly. Art isn’t a contest, and you don’t need to be an accomplished artist to benefit from drawing or some other creative outlet. If you would like to connect, learn or work with me you can visit my website: or find me on various social media platforms as well as Patreon and my YouTube channel. ~ @Jeff Haines

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