Hyperrealism paintings

Hyperrealism artworks that will blow your mind

My name is Michele Darmiento, I was born in Puglia, (1986) a region of southern Italy. I have lived and worked for many years in Parma. During my artistic studies, I met many important artists including Luigi Benedicenti who marked what is today my painting technique, which is hyperrealism. I have studied the colors in particular and a personal technique able to give a three-dimensional feel the painting. I have painted many still lifes and I have only been dedicating myself to the figurative for a couple of years.

This latest unfinished work of mine “Purify” wants to signify my change, not only in painting but also in my personality, leaving bad memories and being reborn as a new person. The glass cup collects all impurities. ~ Michele Darmiento

Hyperrealism portrait By Michele Darmiento

Realistic portrait painting By Michele Darmiento

Hyper realistic portrait by Michele Darmiento

Hyper realistic naked girl painting by Michele Darmiento

Beautiful nude art By Michele Darmiento

Hyperrealism still life painting by Michele Darmiento

Hyper realistic still life painting by Michele Darmiento

Hyper realism art still life painting by Michele Darmiento

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