colorful portrait artwork by Marianna

The Artwork of Marianna: Fell in Love with Painting

My name is Marianna but all my friends know me as Majky. I have been painting and drawing since my childhood and art is absolutely in my blood. From an early age, I have loved strong colors.

As a child, I wasn’t encouraged to express myself creatively in any way, so I fell in love with painting. For years, I found comfort in it but I still have something to improve on. I spent a lot of time finding my own voice and style. In time through painting and experimenting on a regular basis, I started to find myself as an artist but I think in many ways I am still finding myself in every piece I paint.

Currently, I just try working with different mediums. I still love my fresh colors but I am also falling in love with a variety of palettes depending on my mood at the time. Animals in combination with women are my first love in art, but I also love to create mandalas or motorcycles, as I also ride them myself. I truly trust the intuitive process and know that when I am painting, something is moving through me and it always amazes me to see the final outcome. Painting is my relaxation.

However, there are days when I can’t sit at home and prefer to go paragliding, riding a motorcycle or jogging. Other times, I would be able to spend all day closed at home with a brush in my hand.  ~

Marianna with colorful artwork by Marianna

colorful portrait artwork by Marianna

elephant painting by Marianna

elephant canvas painting by Marianna

Dot mandala painting on canvas by Marianna

Stunning portrait artwork by Marianna

Beautiful Artwork Open mind by Marianna

Temptation Acrylic on canvas by Marianna

Biker Acrylic painting by Marianna

Kawasaki biker painting by Marianna

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