Body Painting Art by Artist Sheryl Benjy

Body Painting Art for the Soul by Artist Sheryl Benjy

Sheryl Benjy is an artist based out of Beverly Hills, CA. Her abstract fluid pieces represent the flow of life and the universe. Her series “Body Art for the Soul” expresses her desire to help women see themselves differently. Sheryl’s work draws inspiration from cultures such as Native American and Eastern traditions. Sheryl brings ritual and the tradition of the healing practice of body art to the modern world.

In 2016 when Sheryl experimented with two of her friends she witnessed an energetic change in the women that was truly magical and ignited her love for body painting. Women who choose to go through this process with Sheryl give themselves permission to discover and express a different part of themselves that might have been overlooked in their everyday lives. Many women shared with Sheryl their experience of transformation and seeing themselves differently through this process.

Sheryl believes art is therapeutic for the mind, body and soul. Many have told her that the feel of the brushstrokes against their skin relaxed and calmed them. Sheryl knows that colors also play a big role in affecting the energy of each individual. Colors represent vibration and everyone resonates at certain frequencies. The colors people choose to wear can represent how they feel in that moment. This applies to body art as well. The colors each woman chooses to have painted on her may represent her mood and energy. Sheryl may add some different colors to balance that energy or will go with her intuition on what each woman needs at that time.

Body art and painting helped Sheryl get through many difficult challenges in her life which is why it is important to her to help others transform through the magical process of art. When she hears someone’s journey and why they are coming to her for such a unique experience is often a special time for her to really connect with the person she paints. Sheryl’s mission is to bring out each woman’s true essence, her authentic self. Sheryl believes that each woman is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.

In Sheryl’s paintings on canvas she also specializes in “Goddess Portrait Art” a series of commissioned artworks that allows women to choose symbols, special moments and memories from their lives to be combined into a piece that will remind each of them of what they seek to remember. You can see more of her work at or follow her on Instagram @sherylbenjy_art.

Body painting festival by Sheryl Benjy

full body painting festival by Sheryl Benjy

Amazing body painting by Sheryl Benjy

Sheryl Benjy body art

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Body painting show by Sheryl Benjy

Native american art by Artist Sheryl Benjy

human body painting by Sheryl Benjy

Body Art Soul Smoke by Artist Sheryl Benjy

Goddess of the Universe masterpiece art canvas

Big Canvas Abstract Art by Sheryl Benjy

Body Art Soul Brooke by Artist Sheryl Benjy

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