Fashion dress drawings by Arron Lam
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Arron Lam Fashion Illustrator

My name is Arron Lam. I am a fashion illustrator from Vietnam and have been in this industry for more than 10 years. Through my fashion sketches, I started receiving some attention around 2012. Although I was not able to pursue a fashion degree, I do have a passion for fashion and drawings. At first, I tinkered and practiced through books and instructional videos on social media sites like Pinterest or Instagram. After nearly 3 years of being self-taught, I was ready to take the next bold steps; I started to invest more in my drawings and got more serious with my journey of fashion illustrations.

Initially, there were relatively small store brands, then gradually the larger brands began to take notice of my work. Sometimes, despite putting out my best efforts, there are many very amendable drawings, but also many drawings that I felt were not up to my standards and I wasn’t satisfied looking at them afterwards. Therefore, even today, I need to practice and improve daily.

As a very detailed-oriented person, I carefully and meticulously care for the quality of the fabric, the details on the costumes and the color schemes. The color components I usually utilize are watercolors and markers. Occasionally I will also use colored pencils or colored glitter…as a way to give the drawings more accents and depth. Personally, I feel one shouldn’t put too much emphasis on reputation or wealth, if you have enough passion, enthusiasm, and earnest about the profession, everything will sooner or later find it’s way towards you. ~ @arron_illustrator

Fashion design drawing by Arron Lam

Trendy fashion clothes by Arron Lam

Blake Lively fashion illustration drawing dress art by Arron Lam

Fashion design art by Arron Lam

Fashion illustration drawing for the bridal by Arron Lam

women's trendy fashion clothing

Step by step tutorial to fashion drawing dress by Arron Lam

Trendy fashion illustration drawing by Arron Lam

Fashion designing drawing by Arron Lam

Step by step for drawing body tutorial to drawing dress by Arron Lam

Walking posing figure fashion drawing by Arron Lam

Fashion dress drawing by Arron Lam

Trendy fashion ideas by Arron Lam

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