Black ink fantasy drawings

Black Ink Fantasy Drawings by Artist Renata Lombard

Renata Lombard is a Czech born, self discovered mixed media artist presently living and working in Billericay Essex UK.

She has always been very creative since early childhood and has become more skilled in adult age as her visionary spectrum and imagination expanded with experience and time.

Her creations have been made in a variety of forms and media such as oil, acrylic, watercolours, pastels, ink drawings and digital art with hundreds of different drawings and paintings.
With digital art being a new method after recently experimenting and producing with the ProCreate application and a stylus pen.

Many of her art pieces are inspired by fantasy, creatures and fairy tales.
From mythological looking Satyrs with different sizes and shapes of their horns, happy faced jesters with their cheeky appearance to classy Boheme looking women some with floral, colourful or gold details.

Each creation having their own character, uniqueness and detail to create an interesting face that holds a story, with many being sketched with precision, or painted with depth and colour, every canvas, paper or image has a tone of emotion and magical wonder that keeps eyes hooked.

Black ink and watercolour drawing by Renata Lombard

Black ink drawing by Renata Lombard

Black ink fantasy drawing by Renata Lombard

Black ink drawings by Renata Lombard

Blackink and watercolour drawings by Renata Lombard

Blackink fantasy drawings by Renata Lombard

Colored Fantasy painting by Renata Lombard

Black ink fantasy drawing by Renata Lombard

More of her unique art can be found on Instagram at. renatalombardart

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