Concept drawing ideas by Damjan Gjorgievski

Fantasy Artist Damjan Gjorgievski

Damjan Gjorgievski is a 26 years old artist born in Macedonia, living in Finland. His full-time job is Concept artist/Art Lead at a video game company in Helsinki. He’s been drawing since before being able to speak and realizes that nowadays he is doing the same thing as back then – imagining fantasy universes. When asked why he does it, he answered that he’s not sure, but is enjoying it and will keep on doing it because that is what makes him feel alive.

His works are hard to explain individually because they are a part of a bigger world, but a common theme about them is complex cultures, mythologies, religions, history, characters, etc. Damjan thinks that the main reason for his mind making up these fantasies and putting them on paper is because that way the abstract thoughts and emotion turn into something that he can understand and analyze. However, lately, his worlds are starting to grow and change by themselves which is why he thinks approaching them more as a visitor than a creator is necessary.

He explains drawing and painting as a way of meditating. However, being aware that getting carried away in abstract things for too long can be counter productive, learning something new and improving his craft is his daily practice. Life being as it is and throwing in many different encounters and events is what provides constant inspiration for him. ~ Damjan Gjorgievski

Concept art gamesAn offering to Enti the Golden Eyed, Digital Painting

Concept drawingDenizen of Alariel, Drawing with graphite

concept art drawingEncounters of Alariel, Drawing with graphite

Drawing concept art

Encoutners of Alariel, Drawing with graphite

drawing character concept artJalkivy, Drawing with graphite

Concept art characterMartyrdom of the Wicked, Digital Painting

Concept art game designSong of the Wanderer, Drawing with graphite

Concept art for video gamesValkyrie, Acrylic on canvas

Concept art characterFemale Grower, Digital Painting

Concept art for characterThe Traagha, Digital Painting

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