Portrait Paintings by Geoff Farnsworth

Geoff Farnsworth Painted Portraits of People

During this period of time, Geoff Farnsworth created a lot of work with much of it belonging to two distinct series of motifs. He had been painting in a studio outside of his home in downtown St. Catharines for a few months. Shortly after covid hit, he moved his studio back home where he lives alone. With being very socially isolated over the next several months and still up to this time, he began to paint a series of paintings based on people in public art spaces looking at art. This direction was born out of desire and fantasy for being back in public art spaces and seeing art in person and with other people. Some of the pieces used images of well known paintings by well known artists of the past, such as the woman looking at a self-portrait by Frida Kahlo. Other paintings represented Geoff’s own paintings within them, or points of reference material from his own life. Elements of abstraction and surrealism become introduced also within this motif of fantasy and desire.

Also during this time, Geoff painted dozens of small portraits of people. The subjects he chose were authors he was reading, musicians he was listening to, directors, etc. He painted George Floyd (image attached) as he was trying to make sense of what was happening in the world and as he was listening to the news and taking part in a protest. Geoff was also painting friends and family and other people in his life that he was not seeing so much anymore.

Right now Geoff Farnsworth is painting several new works toward an upcoming show at 13th Street Gallery in Niagara, Canada. Some of these new paintings in progress include a few more fresh new heads, along with more pieces based on the theme of viewers in public art spaces looking at art. ~ Geoff Farnsworth

Geoff Farnsworth Oil Painted Portrait“ADAY at the Albright Knox” Oil on panel 42×32 inches.

Geoff Farnsworth Oil Painting Portrait“Albright Knox Abstract Tartan” Oil on panel 20×20 inches.

Geoff Painted Portraits of People“Vuillard” Oil on panel 20×16 inches.

Beautiful painting by Geoff Farnsworth

“Forest Skye” Oil on panel 72×42 inches.

Geoff Farnsworth Painted Portrait“Diebenkorn” Oil on panel 4×4 inches.

Beautiful oil painting by Geoff Farnsworth“Exhalocean” Oil and acrylic paint marker on panel 60×60 inches.

Portrait art by Geoff Farnsworth“George Floyd” Oil on panel 8×8 inches.

Oil Portrait art by Geoff Farnsworth“Girl Bench Dog Museum Tomoko” Oil on panel. 30×30 inches.

Geoff Oil Painted Portrait“Mieko Kawakami” Oil on panel 12×12 inches.

Geoff Oil Painted Portraits of People“Two Dutchmen Morphing Ears” Oil on panel 30×30 inches.

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