Body Painting MUD Makeup Artist Polly
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Body Painting MUD Makeup Artist Polly

My name is Polly! Everyone calls me Polly Pockets because I used to collect the Polly Pockets Toys in the 90s, plus how often do you meet a “Polly”. Yes, it is my real name. I am a professional makeup artist from a small town in New Jersey! As a kid, I was always into Art! Whether it was drawing, painting, writing, coloring, or crafting. I was always doing something with my hands. I was the kid in school who drew on the corners of notebook paper. I’m obsessed with ALL colors!! They are all beautiful to me and I love mixing and matching to create new colors. As a high school student, I came across one of the number one makeup schools in the country! But as a 17 year old, my parents were not keen on me living in New York City alone! Finally, ten years later, I was able to pursue my dream of becoming a MakeUp Artist. I attended at the top makeup school in the United States. Makeup Designory New York City. I studied Fashion makeup, TV & Film Makeup & Special Fx makeup. I’ve always been passionate about Beauty makeup. I like to live by “wear makeup like you don’t have any on”. But when I discovered Special Fx makeup and body painting I wanted to explore my talent ever further. So I decided to try painting on my body! I like to create scenes from movies that come from my perspective. I want my body makeup to inspire people! I want my art to bring you back to a certain time in your life that made you feel good, to bring out your inner child. I am a big child at heart and I love seeing people’s reactions when they remember a recreation I have done. I’ve learned that you’ll never know what your capable of until you try!!! I really thought I would be putting makeup on for a famous actress. Or be behind a movie set. I would still love that chance. But body painting is a skill I had no idea I had until I sat down and decided to draw what I draw on paper, onto my body. ~ Polly Pockets

Keep swimming body painting by Polly Pockets

Beautiful makeup art by Polly

Halloween makeup art by Polly

Body Painting Illusion by MUD artist Polly

“Shake the industry”

Other Mother Body Painting by PollyCoraline’s other mother

Other Mother Bodypaint Illusion by PollyCoraline’s other mother

Different face painting by MUD artist Polly“Life after death” Scary makeup looks

Face painting leaf and skull by MUD artist Polly“My Heart burns there too”

Amazing Body Painting by MUD artist PollyWizard of Oz”

Haunted places body painting by artist Polly“Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”

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