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Create Stunning Dot Mandala Designs

As a way to balance my daily life, I started painting on river rocks in 2016. It didn’t take long before my hobby turned into an obsession. I found myself giving more of my free time and energy to exploring different mediums, paints and tools. Along the way, I even discovered some unconventional approaches. These new techniques didn’t have much documentation. So I had to pioneer and develop my own set of tools.

Years later, I still paint every day. I look for inspiration everywhere in life. And love the freedom it brings, being open minded to the creative process.

With many people asking to teach them the basics of dotting, I was able to put together a very detailed course. Which will help to create stunning designs with unconventional painting techniques, and mainly find their own style using acrylic paints and exploring mediums. The course will take them through the process, starting with fundamentals and finishing with a completed final project.

I hope my passion for dot painting inspires others to explore their creative passions. ~ @Dots.By.Lina

Dot mandala stones

Dot painting ideas

Dot art painting

Dot mandala painting

Dot art painting

mandala on stone

Kidrobot dot mandala design

Stunning mandala stones

Lovely Dot Mandala Designs

Woodpebbles dot mandala design

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