Handpainted Wearable Art by Natasha Durgan

Unique Beautiful Art and Create Custom Clothing

As a child I remember I was fond of drawing pictures of animals, using the bright colours of felt pens to add life to my illustrations. Growing up into adulthood and then being a busy mother, I never managed to find time in the day to really explore art further.

As my children grew up, I started to find I had spare moments in the day free and felt the need to express my creative side. I revisited my childhood with simple sketches of animals and then found myself inspired to draw landscapes. I felt I wanted to bring these pictures alive so I started to explore different ways to paint, first with a brush and then palette knife. This really gave me the lift I needed and soon I found my works were becoming bigger and more ambitious.

I desired to know more about different mediums of art and explored working with geodes, glass painting and then different fabrics. Several of my friends requested that I create custom clothing for them and I have finished several bags, dresses, trousers and jackets which look bright and colourful.

With all this delightful art starting to fill up my home rapidly, I began to sell my works online. I have found that Etsy is the most popular place for my art to sell, but I also sell through my own website and regularly publish images of my works on Instagram and Facebook.

In 2020 during the pandemic, I was lucky enough to have my largest piece of art (a whole wall of my house) featured in a UK national newspaper.

I continue to find inspiration each day in nature and the beauty of the world around me, and I look forward to each spare moment I can find in the day to create something new. ~ @natashadurgan.art

Permanent handpainting on bag by Natasha Durgan

Hand painted bag by Natasha Durgan

Hand painted denim dress

Nefertiti painting on denim by Natasha Durgan

Hand painted on denim by Natasha Durgan

Custom white jean jacket by Natasha Durgan

Painted leather jacket by Natasha Durgan


Hand painted Art on clothes by Natasha Durgan

Handpainted on Jeans by Natasha Durgan

Abstract ocean Painting by Natasha Durgan

Beautiful Painting by Natasha Durgan

Pastel Flowers Painting by Natasha Durgan

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