Kamila J Gruss fine art portrait photography
ArtPhotography Art

Kamila J Gruss Photography Artist

My name is Kamila J Gruss. I was born and grew up in Poland. I studied and lived in Berlin for ten years, where I did my master's degree in New German Literature, Spanish Literature and General And Comparative Literature Studies. At the same time, I did my master's degree...
Modern photography by Derville Emilie
ArtPhotography Art

Emilie Derville Belgian Fine Art Photographer

Emilie Derville is a Belgian fine art photographer and graphic designer; specializing in costumed and staged portraits, she composes self-portraits and portraits like paintings; reality is then "augmented" and manipulated through retouching. Pieces of master paintings sometimes slip into the decor and make the link between the inspiration and the...
Specialist body painting Lucia Chamorro

Lucia Chamorro makeup artist and specialist in bodypainting

I am Lucia Chamorro professional makeup artist, specialist in Bellypainting and bodypainting, I have been training for more than nine years in different parts of the world such as London, Gibraltar, Holland, Spain, to be able to offer the best of myself to each client. I live in Malaga, the...
Storytelling Artist Dasha Pears

Dasha Pears Storytelling Artist

I am an artist-storyteller and here's how I see storytelling: EVERYTHING WE BELIEVE IN IS FICTION. Created by one person, or a group of people, or by whole nations. I discovered long ago, how stories were important to humans, but only recently realized that stories actually comprise our whole world: starting...
Justin Bateman Land Art

Amazing Land Art by Justin Bateman using pebbles and stones

The ground upon which I walk is both my canvas and my pallete. Galleries are great, but I'm rarely more impressed than a walk in nature. My work is about many things... One aspect is memory. The way in which memory is stored, both physically and metaphysically. One of my...
Handmade resin art KunstWork Creations

KunstWork Creations Handmade Resin Art

I did my bachelor's in textile designing, which led me to my first few art exhibitions in India, which were on stained glass art, pottery art, and calligraphy. I went on to host multiple art exhibitions showcasing my bottle art pieces in the Philippines and was humbled by the outpour...
Clay Based Flesh on TrendyArtIdeas

Polymer Clay Based Flesh Pots

My name is Bea (she/her) and I live in Leeds. I'm a Ph.D. student and I started Tender Flesh last year, after being diagnosed with MS. I make objects which seem alive and which reflect the fragility of my own body. My sculptures are very personal to me as they're...
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