Introspective Art Mind and Soul Exhibition

Spheres Art: Introspective Art Mind and Soul Exhibition

Having gone through unrelated, even sometimes bizarre, life circumstances, and a ton of professional education and work ranging from computer science to geology and design, I decided to zoom out and take a look at what makes most meaning when it comes to my presence here. I discovered something amazing....
Picture of me with doll

Nienke’s Mini-Me Barbie Doll And All Their Friends

My name is Nienke, I’m the creator of @riverlovesbarbie account on Instagram. I started this hobby to help me with my autism and self-image. Creating a mini-me and taking her on little adventures has done a lot for my self-esteem and image. I have autism which means that the normal...
gorgeous face mugs pottery

Handmade Face Mugs Pottery by Alex Mrachkovskiy

My name is Alex Mrachkovskiy. I am from Ukraine. 28 y.o. Once I tried to work with clay, I realized that it is the best thing I ever worked with. When you touch the clay it gives you understanding, what do next, it helps you to find and realize your...
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