Indian Artist Som Datta Art Painting

Indian Artist Som Datta Art Paintings

I am a painter by passion and economist by profession from New Delhi, India. I use mainly oil and acrylic as mediums of my paintings.

The Dreamer Acrylic painting“The Dreamer” Acrylic on canvas (20”x24”) I saw this little boy at the platform of Haridwar station, North India. He was lying down on a rag spread on the platform floor. The place was crowded, hot, noisy and chaotic with people milling around, coolies running, trains arriving and departing.
Amidst it all, the boy had his own little island of serenity. His eyes seemed to have travelled to some far-off places.

Scowl realistic portrait Acrylic painting“Scowl” Acrylic on canvas (18”x24”) I met this lady at a small village temple in Himachal Pradesh, India. It was her place, her territory. She kept a constant vigil over the inner sanctum, glaring at anyone who did not follow the proper decorum when entering it.

Wonderment Acrylic painting“Wonderment” Acrylic on canvas (20”x24”) As we grow older, our experience makes us blaséand inattentive. But there are still some rare moments when we stop to see and become overwhelmed by the beauty around us, like this elderly gentleman at KutubMinar, New Delhi. He was mesmerized by the intricate carvings on the great old red sandstone structure and was gazing at it with childlike wonderment.

Smile Oil painting

“Smile” Oil on canvas (24”x20”) After a day’s work, in a moment of carefree laziness, I captured this beautiful smile.

Laugh and Cry realistic portrait painting“Laugh and Cry” Oil on canvas (24”x30”) Two sisters. Their emotions are juxtaposed to each other. The visages were too precious – not to mention too hilarious and dramatic – for me not to draw it.

A pleasant memory realistic portrait oil painting“A pleasant memory” Oil on canvas (40”x30”) The smile was subtle, alluring and intriguing.

The boy in blue Acrylic painting“The boy in blue” Acrylic on canvas (24”x24”) Childhood, the time of innocence.

Sunrise at Mandarmoni Oil painting“Sunrise at Mandarmoni” Oil on canvas board (18”x24”) This is a beach at Mandarmoni, West Bengal (India). In the early morning, the sky was creating some dramatic colors with rain clouds and sunbeams. The fishermen, indifferent to this magic, went about with their daily chores.

Rajasthani Folk Musician Acrylic painting“Rajasthani Folk Musician” Acrylic on canvas board (24”x18”) On a hot day within the town, the sun shining on the reddish yellow walls, I watched a group of musicians playing. This particular man intrigued me, his dress was bright and I noticed he wore an embroidered heart on his sleeve, it conjured up feelings of melancholy as I enjoyed the folk music drifting through the air.

White flower Oil painting“White flower” Oil on cloth (22.25”x17”) White flowers, luminous in the dark.

~ @Som Datta Art

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