Watercolor Paintings flowers

Creates beautiful watercolor paintings of flowers

My name is Noelia Somoza and I’m a graphic designer and an art lover from Buenos Aires, Argentina currently living in Japan. I’m passionate about drawing and painting, specially watercolor painting. I love painting different subjects such as landscapes, portraiture and lately I’ve fallen in love with floral painting. I find inspiration in the world that surrounds me and that’s why I try to pay attention to every detail on my paintings, in order to capture the feeling of the things that inspire me.

All of these paintings you see here were done with watercolors and on every single of them my goals were to discover new shapes, color mixes, and of course have fun. The world of watercolor is amazing yet challenging, so vast that I never get bored!

I also have a youtube channel named Kingyo Art, where I share videos about paintings inspired in Japan, as well as tutorials about portraiture and floral painting. So if you are looking for some watercolor painting tips and tricks, or just want to see painting process videos, you can check it out at www.youtube.com/kingyoart I hope to see you there!

Rose flower with watercolor

Paintings the beauty of flowers with watercolor
How to Paint Realistic Flower in Watercolor YouTube Video

Purple flower painting with watercolor

Watercolor painting florals

White Hibiscus flower painting with watercolor
How to Paint Hibiscus Flower with Watercolors YouTube Video

Rose painting with watercolor

Watercolor Flower Painting Using Holbein Watercolors Easy Tutorial YouTube Video

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