Amazing Quilling Paper Art by Lara Fogliata
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Amazing Quilling Paper Art by Lara Fogliata

My name is Lara Fogliata and I live near Lake Garda lakeside, in the province of Brescia, in northern Italy.

I learned about the art of quilling by chance when trying to find something to do at home, during the forced lockdown time.

I immediately become addicted to quilling: creating my own designs with strips of colorful paper rolled, shaped, and glued together has been very satisfying.

Quilling is a precision technique that demands a lot of patience, I feel that it’s a kind of meditation. I recommend this rarely known art to everyone because it’s great to express creativity.

Let me show you these works of mine to represent my creativity. Each of them has a precise meaning that I’m going to describe.

Amazing Quilling Paper Art by Lara FogliataPeacock – The peacock is the symbol of beauty and harmony, but, at the same time, also of pride and vanity. There is a legend that tells how God created the soul, shaping it like a peacock. The white color expresses hope for the future, purity, spirituality, and divinity.

Amazing Quilling Paper Art by Lara FogliataLeo – Taking inspiration from my own zodiac sign: the lion is the king of animals, a symbol of strength, bravery, and confidence. I recognize myself in these qualities.

Amazing Quilling Paper Art by Lara FogliataLily flowers – Purple is one of my favorite colors: I find it calming and relaxing to create my works using this color.

Amazing Quilling Paper Art by Lara Fogliata

Gnomes – This 3D work was made with 5 mm (0.2 Inches) and 3 mm (0.12 Inches) strips of metalized paper, dreaming about a miniature world that could exist in our wonderful woods.

Amazing Quilling Paper Art by Lara FogliataAquarium – I created my own aquarium with quilling because I have always been fascinated by the marine world, but I’m against keeping living fishes confined in a small aquarium in my house. The frame is made with paper-covered cardboard (reusing the paper from the wrapping of a bouquet I received as a gift).

Amazing Quilling Paper Art by Lara FogliataDreamcatcher – My top favorite color is red, a symbol of love, passion, strong character, and self-confidence. The dreamcatcher symbolizes the cycle of life and the Universe. The net role is to save the positive dreams, while the negative ones are absorbed by the central hole and returned to the Universe. Feathers, according to Cheyenne legend, symbolize air and the flight of birds.

Amazing Quilling Paper Art by Lara FogliataParrot – The parrot is a remarkably intelligent, sensitive animal. With an enduring couple partnership, the parrots form extremely strong family bonds between parents and children. These are all really important values that every individual of the human race should also have.

Amazing Quilling Paper Art by Lara FogliataButterflies – Butterflies have thousands of colors… colors of life, inspiring charm and wonder.

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