Artist Julia Kempa creates hyperrealistic paintings

Artist Julia Kempa creates hyperrealistic paintings

After a few years of precise studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, Julia Kempa creates hyperrealistic paintings based on her imaginative and surrealistic visions of figures, scenes and emotions. A digitally manipulated photograph is used as a medium in the process of recreating dreamy portraits and imaginative compositions. Her personal experiences or dreams are the main source of inspiration in painting and all works are concerned primarily with psychological dilemmas such as insomnia and anxiety. Everything what’s created is a healing process, a meditation which also allows for a subconscious communication between artist and the viewer. Julia Kempa’s works have been largely exhibited in various places, including Springfield, USA. She appeared in the TheGuideArtists Magazine, “Slask” magazine and gave numerous interviews on national Polish TV channels. She was a finalist in many international contests, including “15th Art Renewal Center 2020”, “BoldBlush FAV15%” and received many significant awards in international competitions. Julia Kempa’s works are in the permanent collections of private art connoisseurs from Europe, including Austria and Germany. ~ Julia Kempa

Hyper realistic portrait painting by Julia Kempa“Chameleon” oil on canvas, It’s a 100x80cm.

Metamorphosis art by Julia Kempa“Metamorphosis” oil on canvas, It’s a 140x170cm.

Artist Julia Kempa creates hyper realistic paintings“Resurface” oil on canvas, It’s a 40x50cm.

Insomnia art by Artist Julia Kempa

“Insomnia” oil on canvas, It’s a 130x170cm.

Dream painting by Artist Julia KempaProtect me from my own dreams

oil painting images Artist Julia KempaIncredible paintings “Maya” oil on canvas, It’s a 60x80cm.

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