Creative Art oil painting by Jessie Novik

The Artist Jessie Novik Creative Art Therapist and Muralist in Nyc

Despite the onslaught of suffering that has been witnessed and experienced across the globe throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, this period of confinement has revitalized a deep-seated need for meaning making and personal reflection through oil painting for Jessie Novik, offering the time and space to create work that is personal, evocative, and distinctly relevant. After losing her job as an Art Therapist in August, Jessie’s Grandfather passed away, leaving her his set of oil paints that he had created with for decades. Although she has a background in oil painting, Jessie had put the medium aside for years in favor of building a career as an Art Therapist and Muralist in NYC.

Mostly community and/or commission based, she still made lot’s of artwork, but living in tiny apartments and juggling multiple jobs, Jessie never had the means for a proper studio and she knew that she was just too messy to paint in her apartment while managing a busy schedule. When her schedule opened up at the end of summer, Jessie decided to rearrange her apartment to safely accommodate oil painting. Since that day, she has been obsessively charged with creative drive. This series is a direct response to the barrage of messages she receives in the news, social media, and throughout her community. As an artist, she feels it is her responsibility to record her experience of this outrageous time in history so that future viewers can perceive the critical shift in social consciousness today. This series illustrates just that, and Jessie is working hard to share it with all those who can connect with the feelings it portrays. We think her Grandfather would be glad to know his materials are being put to good use. ~ Jessie Novik

Corona Crunch Oil painting by Jessie Novik“Corona Crunch” Oil on panel, 13×19 inches.

Party Girl Oil on Canvas by Jessie Novik“Party Girl” Oil on Canvas, 16×20 inches.

Sweet Relief Oil painting by Jessie Novik“Sweet Relief” Oil on canvas 16×20 inches.

Still Life of a Bug by Jessie Novik

“Coronitas” Still Life of a Bug, Oil on panel 16×20 inches

New York Sunset Oil on canvas by Jessie Novik ” Sunset New York city canvas wall art”  Oil on canvas, 12×23 inches

Cupcake Party Treats Oil painting by Jessie Novik“Cupcake Party Treats” Oil on canvas 8×10 inches.

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