Justin Bateman Land Art

Amazing Land Art by Justin Bateman using pebbles and stones

The ground upon which I walk is both my canvas and my pallete. Galleries are great, but I’m rarely more impressed than a walk in nature.

My work is about many things… One aspect is memory. The way in which memory is stored, both physically and metaphysically. One of my ex-students recently pointed out that my work isn’t impermanent, it lives on – the pebbles have simply become pixels. I guess she’s right. So what does impermanence mean? Do things ever disappear or does energy just transform into something else?

The objects I use such as pebbles and stones are ancient vessels, embedded with many years of information. I’m very aware of this as I work with them. Different stones often have different traits and they can render a wide variety of effects upon the portrait I am creating.

Often my subjects are figureheads, known for philosophical, political, spiritual or psychological accomplishments. Sometimes they are just everyday people. I hope the narratives of these peoples lives are somehow captured by the stones that reconfigure their physiognomy for this limited period of time, before I return the stones to their natural disorder….’The entropy of life’ as an artist friend suggested to me.

There is a meditative aspect to each stage of the work; particularly whilst collecting the stones and creating the portrait. It’s in the meditative state that ‘I’ the ‘creator’ meet myself. No other motives need be involved, but I do reflect on my choices after the event has taken place. There are technical aspects that can always be improved upon.

The beauty of this process is that I don’t have any idea how a piece will look at the outset. The stones dictate the structure of the work, so each piece has a character derived of its own variables. This is true to life I think… The work incorporates a natural complexity, rather like the people it depicts. ~ @Justin Bateman

Justin Bateman Land Artist

David Michelangelo pebble and stone portrait“David #2 Portrait” 2021

Fisherman stones portrait“Fisherman Portrait” 2021

George Washington portrait from stones

George Washington portrait using found stones“George WashingSTONE Portrait” 2021

Robert De Niro stones portrait

Robert De Niro Portrait Made from stones“Robert De Niro Portrait” 2021

Refugee portrait from stone“Refugee Portrait” 2020

Portrait land art“Karl Rudziak Portrait” 2020

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  1. This is great ! I always adore antique mosaics often found in “ digs “ of Grease ,Italy,
    Turkey. It takes special skill in art. Now, looking at your “mosaic” portraits I got an
    idea : why not to put som different grate pebbles and then paint the portrait over
    gravel and pebbles. But before, I should affix the rocks on the plywood base .
    This way it will become SALEBLE !😜

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