Realistic paintings of female nude figure in sensual

Hyper-Realistic paintings of nude figure in sensual

I became a painter because I met my muse Miss O. in 2003. Previously, I was an illustrator for advertising and publishing, but I have always worked on more personal projects. That’s how I became an illustrator of pin-ups and that my work was noticed by Louis K. Meisel. It was during my pin-ups years that I met this girl through a friend.

The pin-up is an idealized representation of the woman. The genre has its graphic conventions. The models had to pose according to these unwritten rules. After my meeting with Miss O., dazzling, I understood the limits of this genre and I wanted to show the emotion that I felt beyond its beauty, so much stronger than that could feel from any pin-up! From creator, I became a contemplator and rather than use models for my work, it is rather me who serves the beauty of my models for my art. Since, I only asked to pose to models that moved me, not just because they were beautiful. I did to doing pose a lot of female friends who were artists around me.

Since my “conversion” into a painter, I paint nudes, portraits and details, mainly mouths.

Nude painting can be very modest or very sensual. I oscillate between these styles with delight. I do not fear eroticism, my French side, no doubt.

The portrait is a very classic theme in painting. Yet I try every time to cause a surprise, by the layout, expression or attitude. But the strength of the portrait is especially in the gaze that is each time unique. I only have to emphasize the strength and intensity of the pose.

What’s more anonymous than a detail? What’s more intimate too? Because the spectator’s point of view on such details is only possible with a very close proximity, this distance at which it is possible to perceive the perfume of the other… The mouth is a sexual organ that is allowed to show and from a plastic point of view, I like the differences of textures and material, the gloss and the mat, the wet and the dry, the hard side of the teeth and soft of the tongue and the lips. It’s a whole world both wonderful and obscene.

In my paintings, I try to show no indication of time or place, no or little clothing that could date the image, and very little or no makeup. Even if it is in vain, I would like to make a timeless painting, to fix beauty and emotion in an eternal way. Since 2003, I ask to Miss P. to pose for me not so often. She was 19 when she first posed, 32 when she agreed to pose for this wonderful project, «Apothéose», my masterpiece, commissioned by the Ibex Collection in 2015.

Finally, I think artists are shamans. They express what the world is, sometimes in an unconscious way. In my case, when I look at my painting with a fresh eye, if it’s possible after three years of work, I realize that it expresses a great strength through these women so different in morphology, age and personality. Primal feminine strength and energy, like a manifestation of Mother Nature. ~ Hubert de Lartigue

Gorgeous Hyper-Realistic Nude PaintingsDetail of Apotheose, commissioned by the Ibex Collection, Acrylic on canvas, It’s a 600×200 cm.

Gorgeous hyper realistic portrait paintingMarie, Acrylic on canvas, It’s a 40×40 cm.

Gorgeous painting of female nude figure in sensualDetail of Apotheose, commissioned by the Ibex Collection, Acrylic on canvas, It’s a 600×200 cm.

Gorgeous Hyper-Realistic Portrait Painting

Maya, Acrylic on canvas, It’s a 40×40 cm.

Hyper-Realistic Portrait PaintingsOMG! Acrylic on canvas, It’s a diameter 96×5 cm.

Gorgeous Hyper-Realistic Portrait PaintingClaire Castillon, Acrylic on canvas, It’s a 60×81 cm.

Gorgeous hyper realistic lips paintingOui… Acrylic on canvas, It’s a 130 x 89 cm.

Hyper Realistic Portrait PaintingsBoudeuse, Acrylic on canvas, It’s a 40×40 cm.

Hyper-Realistic Portrait PaintingsAdieu, Acrylics on bord, It’s a 120 x 80 cm.

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