Brandon Alfredo's African Art Paintings Of The Maasai Tribe

Brandon Alfredo’s African Art Paintings Of The Maasai Tribe

Brandon Alfredo is a professional artist. Who focuses on wildlife and tribal portraits through a combination of colour, texture and symbolism. He is a 19-year-old artist based in Zimbabwe.

Brandon has had a great passion for art since childhood, he always loved to make sketches with both pencils and crayons, he was lucky enough to have parents who always encouraged and supported him in his talent. At the age of 16, he was introduced to oil paints by an artist by the name Munyaradzi Chibaya, who taught and natured him into developing his skill. Brandon has been naturing his art ever since using oil paints painting on canvas.

Maasai tribe painting by Brandon Alfredo

He paints tribal portraits of the Maasai, Hamer, Turkana, Himba tribe and many other ethnic groups, he paints from photographs. He took interest in the Maasai and Himba tribe as he visited Tanzania, Kenya and Namibia, he got to see the Maasai people and the Himba and he was fascinated by their way of living. He also enjoys painting wildlife on big stretches of the canvas. His work has been exhibited in Australia at Mornington Art Show, at Wild Geese Art Festival and many other art shows in Zimbabwe. At a very young age, he wishes to help other young people to nature their talents and help the community to realise the importance of art and that you can make a living out of art. ~ Brandon Alfredo

African mother and child painting by Brandon Alfredo

African man realistic portrait painting by Brandon Alfredo

African man portrait by Brandon Alfredo

African man portrait painting by Brandon Alfredo

African tiger portrait by Brandon Alfredo

Brandon Alfredo's African lion painting

Brandon Alfredo's african leopard painting

African animal paintings by Brandon Alfredo

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