Beautiful Paintings Of The Natural And Urban Landscapes With Palette Knives

Beautiful Paintings Of The Natural And Urban City Landscapes With Palette Knives

My name is Emilie Fantuz, I am a palette knife painter and I am honored to share a piece of my story and my artwork with you.

Three years ago I moved to Vancouver, Canada without knowing where it would lead me. I look back on these three years and it almost feels like an entirely different lifetime than the years before. It has brought me the most beautiful joys in life but not without adversity. Through it all, I continued to do what I love. Paint.

When I arrived in Canada, 2500 miles away from my home state of Michigan, my vehicle was packed with all the possessions for my new life. When you can only bring what you can fit in your car, what do you take? My beloved easel and my beloved palette knives. Then what?

Beautiful city landscape oil painting on canvas⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The answer is easy. Paint.

Why? A constant that has held true in my work is a common motivation, regardless of the location where I live. I strive to find beauty in everyday life and highlight this through my work; the glow from streetlights, reflections after the rain, and subtle interactions of the people passing by. Creating helps me reflect, appreciate, and even brings me strength. Perhaps you will feel this as well.

I am so blessed to share this lifelong passion with my husband, Mike Fantuz, who is also a palette knife painter. How is this possible? We found each other in the most surprising yet modern way possible – Instagram. In fact, a hashtag on Instagram, #paletteknifepainting. We knew we found love as soon as we began using palette knives, and little did we know that it would bring us to the greatest love. ~ Emilie Fantuz

Beautiful Paintings Of The Urban City Landscapes“When I wander” Oil on 24×30 Canvas.

Artist Creates Natural And Urban City Landscapes“A Dreamer and a Traveler” Oil on 24×30 Canvas.

Artist Creates Natural and Urban City Landscapes

“Meet Me There” Oil on 36×48 Canvas.

Beautiful Painting Urban City Landscapes With Palette Knives“Where I Find You” Painting of cityscape, Oil on 30×40 Canvas.

Realism Urban City Landscapes“From Above” Oil on 30×38 Canvas.

Beautiful Paintings Of Urban City Landscapes With Palette Knives“City Lights” Oil on 30×36 Canvas.

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