The Incredible hyper realistic oil paintings

The incredible hyper realistic oil paintings

My name is Alexandre Monntoya. I am a plastic artist and as I have said before, I have walked throughout my professional career, which is 25 years, through many paths that have led me to a knowledge and understanding in painting.

When I look at my past and reflect on this journey, I recognize that in a natural way, I have always sought to express in this silent language, the thoughts, feelings and emotions that have marked us in a subtle, romantic, sensual and spiritual way in our life.

My current work is focused precisely in this last sense, in the recognition of who we really are in essence.

We live in times of great changes and great discoveries, and one of them is to face discovering more of our interior, without resorting to any religious doctrine. Simply go to a knowledge that is in front of our eyes and that we routinely refuse to recognize.

My current work then is an invitation to reflect on what eludes us and that our 5 physical senses cannot recognize. ~ Alexandre Monntoya

Alexandre Monntoya hyper realism art oil paintings

The Incredible hyper realistic oil paintings

Alexandre Monntoya spring girl realism art

Alexandre Monntoya hyper realism nude oil painting

Alexandre Monntoya hyper realism art

Alexandre Monntoya realism naked girl painting

Alexandre Monntoya hyper realism painting

Alexandre Monntoya realism naked woman painting

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