Cool Things to Make with Paper by Amanda Witucki
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Amanda Witucki Paper Artist Cool Things to Make with Paper

Amanda Witucki is a self-taught artist living in Austin who has been creating consistent bodies of work since 2018. Her focus is paper sculpture and origami art. She graduated in 2010 with a BA in Psychology with a minor in French from the University of Kansas. She is an active, exhibiting artist around Austin, Texas.

Utilizing techniques of origami and simple folding, she creates intricate, crisp design. Repetition and clean lines are a primary focus. Using simple folded shapes multiplied hundredfold, Amanda creates geometric landscapes that almost resemble topographic maps. In tangent with these mathematical paper shapes, color is a primary focus of her work.

“Color palettes are like music to me—each combination of colors speaks a feeling, or a memory, or an impression, and my job is to convey the feeling I experienced to the viewer. Color is the destination, paper is the vehicle.”

She creates these colorful geometric blankets and applies them to canvas, but also creates larger versions that are much more experiential-sometimes measuring 30 feet in scale. These installations envelope the viewer into a world of color, texture, and joy.

“I’ve been a creator my whole life, but found my voice through paper as a medium. I love how approachable this medium is. It’s inexpensive, easy to manipulate, but with the right skill can create truly intricate and massive design. My work plays heavily on color, texture, and repetition. I think some of the most impressive art can be created from simple objects/techniques but multiplied hundredfold. I have a background in design, so I’m always looking to create larger installations that can transform a space and envelope the viewer.

As a kid, I was fascinated by origami, but found it impossibly difficult and quickly gave up. Now, my focus is primarily with origami. Using one specific folded shape, I’ve created works on canvas, large installations, decorative garlands and hanging decor. Origami is simple, but requires intense precision to really master it. I’ve recently started introducing new origami shapes into my work, and I look forward to expanding these concepts.” ~ @thepapercommittee

Beautiful Paper Craft by Amanda Witucki

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