3d alcohol ink art ideas by Zuzana Borysek
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3D Alcohol Ink Art by Artist Zuzana Borysek

My name is Zuzana Borysek / Z5art, I come from Slovakia, and I live in Germany.

I am an artist with a demonstrated history in several fields covering digital media and classic fine arts. I love to work with different media, exploring new techniques and combining these into a new context. I have studied printmaking. Classical fine art is my fundament I build on with newly gathered knowledge and experience from the new and modern fields.

In past years I have used for my work a lot of acryls, resin, alcohol ink, and paper. At my work I draw inspiration mainly from nature. The sea and sea life influence can be seen in my work over a long period. I am fascinated by the details of sea life, its colors, and its power at the same time. The small and the big at once. I use a special technique of layered paper. The paint and holes in the paper create together spectacular 3 dimensional effect of abstract structure.

Not so long ago I have taken myself into a new challenge. As many people started to ask me how I do my artworks and if I organize any sort of workshops, I have prepared the online course for the Alcohol Ink 3D art. It was not an easy decision, but I have to say it brought me into the new level, the conversations, and contacts I could get through the lessons are paying back at my next work and help me to push my artwork again into the new perspectives. My work can be found at www.z5art.net or on Instagram: @z5art

3d alcohol ink craft ideas by Zuzana Borysek

3D Bubble 3d alcohol ink craft by Zuzana Borysek

Eye IRIS 3d alcohol ink art by Zuzana Borysek

Eye IRIS Alcohol Ink 3D ideas by Zuzana Borysek

Marshmallow 3d alcohol ink art by Zuzana Borysek

Ocean 3d alcohol ink art by Zuzana Borysek

Orange Coral 3d alcohol ink art by Zuzana Borysek

Sea Urchins 3d alcohol ink art by Zuzana Borysek

Sea Urchins spectacular 3-dimensional effect of abstract structure by Zuzana Borysek

Sea urchins – Soldering iron 3D ink art ideas

Wave 3d alcohol ink art by Zuzana Borysek


  1. Hi, I’m just over the moon for your work! I love unique art. Everything you do is just beautiful. I’m curious do you use yupo paper?

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