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Sean Kalley Artist

For the last 12 years I have been creating art in a variety of mediums and on multiple surfaces. As a self-taught artist it has helped to allow for more risk with trial and error, while finding a unique style. In the process of creating art I have always considered the natural environment as a key element throughout the process. Either as the focal element of the composition, or in finishing the piece utilizing natural elements with environmental conservation in mind. Once the creative process moved onto the cross sections of trees it became a complete artwork in itself leading to over 75 original art pieces. The entire collection is now captured within an e-book, softcover and hardcover coffee table book for your own viewing pleasure. Thank you for supporting creativity and continuing to encourage free thought. All of the creative work can be viewed at, weekly updated content on Instagram seankalleyart, and send all inquiries to

Working on a piece Artist Sean KalleySelf– I created many of these pieces in public on a weekly basis bringing the outside world into a more creative world. Art should be a part of everyday life for everyone to experience and appreciate.

The Nature of Love on Wood by Artist Sean Kalley“Nature of Love” – Love is a term we created and it means something different to each of us. It is also connected to nature, the Earth, and how we connect to everything.

Endangered in Oregon Art on Wood by Artist Sean Kalley“Endangered in Oregon” – A friend an Arborist and I worked together to create a piece to benefit old growth forest sustainability.

Chance Encounter Nature painting on wood by Artist Sean Kalley

“Chance Encounter” – A friend asked me to recreate a beautiful wilderness scene to remind them of their family vacations out to the Western Mountain states in the U.S.

Peace on the mountain Painting on wood by Artist Sean Kalley“Peace on the Mountain” – While living in Oregon for almost 10 years mountain landscapes in plein air or out of my head through experiences became a focal part of creativity.

Music is All Around Us Art on Wood by Artist Sean Kalley“Music is All Around Us” – Our love for music, rythym and harmony transcends language connecting all of us.

The Tiger Heron Art Painting on Wood by Artist Sean Kalley“The Tiger Heron” – While visiting a World Unesco site “Sian Ka’an Biosphere we were told it would be a rare find to see this elusive bird. We happened to find a juvenile hiding like grass while the parents were out feeding.

Synchronized flight Painting on wood by Artist Sean Kalley“Synchronized Flight” – Watching Brown Pelicans on the coast of the Carribean Sea at sunrise became a meditative practice.

What is your passion Painting on Wood by Artist Sean Kalley“What is Your Passion” – Passion comes from within and is demonstrated in the external through actions uniquely through each of us. How do you define it?

Got Wood Painting by Artist Sean KalleyThe book “Got Wood” – is a creative art book that demonstrates how remaining true to a vision in finding unique ways to express leads to the natural world. When completing an art piece finishing it out completely can mean framing, using reclaimed objects or using something uniquely different every time in a cross section or round of a fallen tree. Enjoy the process of finding your own unique style!

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