Amazing makeup looks by Sarai Paniagua
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Gorgeous Makeup Art Creative Makeup Looks of Sarai Paniagua

My name is Sarai Paniagua, and I have been on social networks for two years (in the makeup field).

My love for makeup began when I was 16, but I did not have the financial solvency to do it and did not feel capable of sharing it through social networks, after several years (already at 21 years old) I was encouraged to share this talent by creating only social makeup, and after a few months, I began to create artistic makeup, such as anime characters, cartoons, etc. Along with my makeup, I usually tell some anecdote or horror legend, and next to this, the makeup I’m doing gives an allusion to said legend. To do a make-up, I have to prepare two or three days before, make voice recordings, and then do some sketches or complements for the artistic make-up, and I usually spend 3 to 10 hours on a make-up (depending on the character or the theme).

I never took courses or something professional that taught me how to make up, everything I have managed to do is part of my perseverance and practice, although I want to be honest in saying that if I had not done it for love, I would never have progressed. @sarai.paniagua.13

Beautiful makeup look by Sarai Paniagua

creative makeup look by Sarai Paniagua

dark makeup art by Sarai Paniagua

Gorgeous makeup look by Sarai Paniagua

It is almost Christmas Makeup Looks by Sarai Paniagua

green body paint by Sarai Paniagua

pretty clown makeup ideas by Sarai Paniagua

scary clown makeup by Sarai Paniagua

Stunning makeup look by Sarai Paniagua

The most difficult rival is in your head by Sarai Paniagua

Amazing skull makeup girl Sarai Paniagua

awesome day of the dead makeup look by Sarai Paniagua

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