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Maggie Jones is a makeup artist in the US. She has always enjoyed art and creating for as long as she can remember and has loved makeup and beauty for as long as she can remember, too. Combining the two has brought her joy and has been an outlet for her throughout different phases of her life. Focusing on artistic details and figuring out how to incorporate them into eye makeup is a fun challenge for her. She recently launched her own makeup line, Blend Bunny Cosmetics.

trendy eye makeup looks by Maggie Jones

From a very young age, I fell in love with beauty and the idea of beauty. The fact that there were products out there to accentuate or alter one’s appearance was just absolutely fascinating to me. At the age of 19, I went to esthetician school to learn how to treat the skin with facials and other more advanced skincare services and to learn about other beauty techniques like waxing, eyelash perming and tinting, and makeup. When our class focused on makeup, I really felt pulled in that direction. I went on to work on clients in spas, models for bridal shows, and working in cosmetics stores. It felt like a wonderland being surrounded by cosmetics and beauty products. At age 25, I had my first child. I stopped working and focused solely on my children for years. One of my children was medically complex and the life I took on as a mother and caregiver was intense and very scary at times. When we turned the corner to better days, I was left with a lot of idle time- time that quickly felt very new and strange and time that began to fill with anxiety. I sat down one day and picked up a makeup brush. The familiar, quiet, content feeling I got quickly became therapy for me. I made it a goal to catch up on the latest techniques and over time I started adding my own flare to them. I got a hold of cosmetic face paint and began painting little portraits on my eye alongside my makeup. The further I went along, the more realistic I tried to make them. Shadows, shading, lighting, reflections, and more. Finding a way to paint a cherry or ladybug on my eye that looked as realistic as I could get was so fun and very therapeutic for me. I went on to launch my own brand, Blend Bunny Cosmetics, and it has been such a dream come true! My love of creating art and my love of makeup has brought me here and I am enjoying every second. ~ @Blendbunny

eye makeup art ideas by the Maggie Jones

Creative eye makeup looks by the Maggie Jones

the art of makeup by the Maggie Jones

eye makeup looks by the Maggie Jones

cool makeup art ideas by the Maggie Jones

creative makeup looks by the Maggie Jones

trendy makeup artist by the Maggie Jones

trendy eye makeup by the Maggie Jones

Eye makeup designs by the Maggie Jones

creative eye makeup designs by the Maggie Jones

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