Children's Books Illustrations by Lilianna Lasocka

Lilianna Lasocka Illustrating Children’s Books

My name is Lilianna Lasocka and I am an artist born in Poland. I’ve been drawing since I was a kid and I had my first art exhibition when I was 14. For a long time, I couldn’t find my way in art. I graduated in Painting from the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts, but I wasn’t sure if Painting was really for me. I was always more attracted to drawing illustrations rather than create big abstract pieces. Once I was asked to draw some illustrations for children’s books. I felt very uncertain when I was publishing my final works on my social media, but soon I got a lot of nice messages from people telling me they love my illustrations. This encouraged me to go this way. I bought a graphic tablet and since that time I draw almost every day.
Maybe I will come back to painting one day, but at this moment in my life I want to travel and live in different countries, so working on a graphic tablet gives me mobility and the possibility to do it.
I am usually working part-time to have financial stability and after work, I am working on commissioned or my own projects.

In my art, I am mostly focusing on the connection between people and nature or I am showing animals in a witty, personified way. I am not trying to change the world or educate anybody with my art. I just want to show my perception of the world.

I’ve been working on illustrating children’s books, but my big dream is to publish my own book. Now I am working on my own illustrated story for children, so I hope this dream will fulfill soon. ~ @liliannalasocka_illustration

Sukienka Red dress red flowers illustration by Lilianna Lasocka

Fish - Lying on the river bank illustration by Lilianna Lasocka

Girl Sad spring this year illustration by Lilianna Lasocka

Hiding illustration I am not here for the world by Lilianna Lasocka

In The Water Illustration by Lilianna Lasocka

kaluza illustration by Lilianna Lasocka

Mountain landscape illustration by Lilianna Lasocka

Sea wave Illustration by Lilianna Lasocka

Yoga Practice, cats and plants for gloomy days by Lilianna Lasocka

Dog's portrait illustratioin

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