Creative Fashion Illustrations by Ksenia Chernikhovskaia
Fashion Illustration

Ksenia Chernikhovskaia Freelance Illustrator and Animator

I’m Ksenia Chernikhovskaia Freelance illustrator and animator from Israel.
I started a long way as an artist a long time ago. My parents sent me to an elementary art school aged 5. Actually, all my life is painting.

I graduated from the Ural University of Architecture and Design as a computer graphics and animation artist. In short, I am a 2D animator by education and worked at a cartoon studio for three years. We made movies for cinema festivals and commercials, but afterward, I realized that I wanted a different direction in my life. Sometimes I make 2D commercial videos. These are Promo and advertising campaigns. Last year we worked together with another fashion illustrator we created a very beautiful promotional video for a sportswear brand from Los Angeles. It was really fun!

Two years ago I finished my animators career and I turned myself over to haute couture. I love everything that is connected with fashion, design of clothes, and Beauty. Usually, my style is a mix of vivid colors and stylized shapes, and I like to use unusual character designs. For example, all my female characters have big lips and round face shapes. I consider this to be a very specific detail of my unique style. I’m trying to focus on the atmosphere of illustration, nature of characters, and story. The illustration is a kind of static art, it has neither noises or smells. There is only a single picture, and I need to be able to pass my thoughts and emotions to my viewers through lines and spots.

Now I work as a Freelance Illustrator, clients find me on Behance, Instagram, or come from friends of friends. My biggest goal is to work on advertising illustrations for a beauty or alcohol brand. So far I haven’t had any such commissions I wish to get them in the future. ~ @kseniya_chernikhovskaya

Beautiful fashion illustration by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaAn evening in New York City

Beautiful illustration for fashion by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaSashaverse Brand

Digital fashion illustration artist Ksenia Chernikhovskaia Marc Jacobs perfume

Fashion illustration digital art by Ksenia Chernikhovskaia

Marc Jacobs perfume INTENSE

Digital fashion illustrations by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaCopenhagen fashion week

Face fashion illustration by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaGucci ready to wear show, sunglasses

Fashion Cartoon Illustration by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaHappy Valentine’s Day

Fashion girl illustration by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaDior scarf

Fashion style illustration by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaWaiting for it

Fashion cartoon character by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaLunar New year, Valentino

Girl's with a bird on her shoulder illustration drawing by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaDraw this in your style challenge

Mermaid Ariel Fashion illustration drawing by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaMerMay challenge, Moschino

Summer illustration inspired by the Missoni brand by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaLemonade

Bottega fashion illustration drawing by Ksenia ChernikhovskaiaBottega Veneta Chain Pouch

Beautiful fashion illustration sketch by Ksenia Chernikhovskaia

Woman fashion illustration by Ksenia Chernikhovskaia

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