Take Height Into Consideration

Decorate Your Home with Iconic Works of Art by Famous Artists

An interior outlook can be incredibly improved using painting art as decoration. A handpicked piece of painted art can change the look and feel of a space and bring joy for decades to come, making it more than just a finishing touch.

Any space can benefit from the style that paintings can bring. They can also serve as helpful visual cues in interior decoration that direct attention to particular sections of a room and convey narratives.

It can be challenging to know where to begin when choosing and displaying artwork because it spans a wide range of genres, styles, and materials, in addition to having the possibility to be shown in an infinite number of ways. This guide has included a variety of methods to incorporate art into your art gallery paintings as well as some professional advice on how to display it best to help you start thinking about how to choose your first painting art for your house.

Make Sure Your Work Reflects You Authentically

To ensure your pieces reflect you authentically, always put first painting with the colors you like. After that, you can use any artwork; you’re not limited to canvases or replica paintings. Moreover, you may display pictures, word art, pop art, or vintage items like worn-out posters or placards.

First, select items representing a message or an exceptional pattern you want to share. Proceed by selecting artwork and artistic movements that reflect your interests and personality. Look for work that genuinely appeals to you and makes you feel lovely. Never pick works of replica art or artistic movements based on what’s trendy on the internet.

Go for Paintings With Colours that Create A Vibe

Go for Paintings With Colours that Create A Vibe
Winslow Homer’s “Gloucester Harbor”

Think about how you’ll use the room or area you wish to decorate with 1st art gallery. Do you want a particular emotion to be evoked in your space? Look at pictures or works of art that naturally help you feel tranquil if you add that feeling to your bedroom. Do you want to give your office a positive, upbeat feel? Then hunt for writings that motivate or inspire you.

Most folks like black and white, neutral colors, or oil painting reproductions. These fine art reproductions differ from genuine oil paintings because they frequently appeal to collectors and museums.

You can consider paintings by famous watercolor artists, like Winslow Homer’s “Gloucester Harbor”. this painting has vibrant colors which can lift your spirit.

Play With Arrangement and a Gallery Wall

You can dramatically improve your space with a gallery wall. For example, a rigid geometric layout can make your room appear well-organized and put-together or more organic and free-flowing.

You can also try it out by setting up your artwork on the ground and visualizing how it will look on the wall. Trace each original oil painting piece’s frame on paper, then glue it to the wall using tape to make it simple to hang your gallery wall display. You can quickly turn your pictures once everything is set up and looks nice.

The Best Places for Art Are Inconvenient Places

The Best Places for Art Are Inconvenient Places
Vincent van Gogh’s “Almond Blossoms”

Many homes have unusual oil drawing walls, spaces, or corners. Frequently, keeping them blank will highlight their distinctiveness. So instead, embrace the unique and hang a piece or several to give the area a fresh feeling of purpose and life. Then, regardless of how big or how tiny you decide to go, you can buy an oil painting or discover that you appreciate that oddball space in your house.

You can always try reproduced art pieces by famous artists. For example, you could use paintings like the Almond Blossoms painting by the famous Vincent van Gogh anywhere with sufficient natural light.

You Don’t Need To Stick With One Frame Style

Variety is essential to life, after all! Mixing and matching frames is a beautiful technique to give your area a nice “acquired through time” vibe that will be particular to your home or space. A structure may be matte, shiny, metallic, made of wood, mirrored, or any other hue. Sometimes handmade painting frames are entirely unnecessary.

Take Height Into Consideration

Take Height Into Consideration
Albert Bierstadt’s “The Domes of the Yosemite painting”.

The general guideline for hanging art is to have the piece’s center hang around 57 inches (145 cm) above the floor. This is about the copy painting standard used in galleries and eye level for the average person. But not all of us are so tall, and the majority of us don’t reside in a gallery or museum.

Additionally, the classic oil painting rule is only sometimes applicable in living rooms, dining rooms, or offices where we spend a lot of time sitting. Therefore, you should hang your work lower in these kinds of areas. It’ll not only be more pleasant to watch, but it will also fit in better with the other pieces of furniture in the space.

You can put big paintings with landscape features in your living space. Such could be great conversation starters. For example, consider getting a reproduced “The Domes of the Yosemite painting” by Albert Bierstadt.

Size Up Your Space

Consider the scale of the hand-painted portraits in proportion to your wall or area while decorating with them. It might be uncomfortable and out of place to hang a little piece of art on a large wall. Instead, choose more significant amounts or a gallery or grid pattern of smaller pieces to fill more of the wall to give the area more balance and aesthetic appeal.


Have a blank wall in your house or place of business that you need help with? The above suggestions will help you make handmade oil paintings to make picking and hanging art for your private areas simpler. However, consciously keep in mind that recommendations are simply guidelines. There is no right or wrong regarding the kind of art you show. Before using famous paintings for your room decorations, you will have to consider a few things.

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