Figurative artist patrick palmer and dreamy post-romantic nudes

Figurative artist patrick palmer and dreamy post-romantic nudes

Until the age of 40 I worked in media but attended a life-drawing class once a week. I almost always worked in charcoal, learning to blend with my fingers, rags and sponges. All my work was monochrome, focusing purely on tone and form. When I left media I signed up...
Self taught artist drawing wildlife with colored pencils

Artist France Bauduin drawing animals with colored pencils

Know your subject. The better you know your subject, the better you can express it in your artwork by adding your own knowledge to create something original with a strong narrative while compensating for little defects your reference photo might have. I created Unsuspecting from two photos reconstructing a scene...
Artist Edgar Jerins narrative artwork tells a story

Edgar Jerins narrative artwork tells a story

I consider myself a storyteller. Capturing the times we are living through is one of my primary goals as an artist. My drawings depict real people—primarily my friends and family--in their natural environments. These are people who never expected to find themselves subjects for narrative art, but whose stories need...
Fine Artist Lucy's Artwork Focus More on the Human Condition

Fine artist Lucy looks at the human condition and plant morphology

Lucy Andersson is a formally trained fine artist based in Christchurch, New Zealand. She specialises in pen drawing and watercolour art; demonstrating her refined skills in stippling and strong contrast of paint. Lucy's botanical work looks at plant morphology and ecological adaptation, While her pen works focus more on the...
Draw Realistic Portraits With Pencil

Self-taught Artist Draw Realistic Portraits With Pencil

I am an entirely self-taught artist and started drawing six years ago. My main focus are portrait drawings or to be more precise: I draw portraits of characters that influenced me in my life. I mainly draw my favourite musicians but I also draw some movie / series characters every...
scribble artist draws Amazing Portraits Entirely By Scribbling

The Artist Draws Amazing Portraits Entirely By Scribbling

Liz still vividly remembers her very first "proper" portrait, she was 6, her family was visiting an aunt. She felt so charged full of emotion after watching a film (about an Arabian princess who sadly came to a terrible demise - surely wasn't age-appropriate!). She promptly asked for a pencil...
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