Portrait of Taylor Swift
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Artist Justin Maas Artwork Realistic Portraits

I have always been fascinated with portraits and the figure in artwork. As a child I would visit galleries with my family and regardless of what else was in the show or the collection, I always gravitated towards the portraits. Throughout history artists have used the portrait as a form...
Draw Realistic Portraits With Pencil

Self-taught Artist Draw Realistic Portraits With Pencil

I am an entirely self-taught artist and started drawing six years ago. My main focus are portrait drawings or to be more precise: I draw portraits of characters that influenced me in my life. I mainly draw my favourite musicians but I also draw some movie / series characters every...
scribble artist draws Amazing Portraits Entirely By Scribbling

The Artist Draws Amazing Portraits Entirely By Scribbling

Liz still vividly remembers her very first "proper" portrait, she was 6, her family was visiting an aunt. She felt so charged full of emotion after watching a film (about an Arabian princess who sadly came to a terrible demise - surely wasn't age-appropriate!). She promptly asked for a pencil...
how to draw mouth

Drawing Tips: How to Draw Lips and Mouths

My name is Carlos Gomes Cabral and I’m a character designer and art teacher. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I did work for clients such as Envato, BOOM! Studios, Sony, The Quarto Group and Total Alimentos to name a few. I am the author of a book...
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