Rose flower drawing

Brian Owens Art Incredibly hyper realistic pastel drawings of flowers dripping honey

I am self-motivated and an extremely driven artist. In life, I contemplate my environment and interactions with a unique perspective to understand and accentuate subtleties easily overlooked. Art imitates life. Nature continues to be the source of the most beautiful spectacles. As much as I seek perfection in my own...
Realistic colored pencil drawings by artist Renske

Realistic colored pencil drawings by artist Renske

My name is Renske. I am a 20 year old artist from the Netherlands. I always used to draw quite a bit but never took it seriously. I started drawing properly when I was 13. During my summer holidays, I had found an art account on Instagram. The artist posted...
Portrait Drawings with Pencil

Edyta: Portrait Drawings with Pencil

My name is Edyta and I have lived in the UK since 2003 although I originate from Poland. On the 20th of April 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, I made the most amazing discovery "I can sketch". Sitting with my daughter I drew a cat, my curiosity grew and grew....
Self-Taught Artist Creates Impressive Charcoal Drawings

Self-taught Artist Creates Impressive Charcoal Drawings

Francesco Cipollone is a self-taught artist specializing in charcoal drawing. His work is based in realism and aims to capture the dynamic nature and kineticism of the human form. Each piece represents his endless curiosity and fascination with the human spirit as it reveals itself through peak moments in life....
Stunning Photorealism Graphite and Charcoal Drawings

Stunning photorealistic charcoal drawings by Solomon Iken

I am Ikenchukwu Solomon, popularly known as Solomon Iken, Born and working in Nigeria as a Hyperrealist Artist; graduated from Babcock University with a B.Sc in International Law and Diplomacy. Early in my life, I always had a liken to everything pencil on paper and now despite my degree I...

Create Incredible Hyperrealism Drawings

My name is Brianna Housman and I am an artist living in the Southern Maine area. I would put my art into the categories of realism and hyperrealism. Light, texture and movement are elements I am drawn to and I try to bring these elements into my artwork. I started...
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