Emma Colbert Art Soft pastel drawings

Emma Colbert Art

I have worked as a professional artist for over 13 years and have specialised in soft pastel for even longer. I love this tactile medium. How saturated the colours are, how the pigment applies to the surface, and the control and versatility it gives you. I paint commissions, including pets,...
Draw hyper realism portrait by Jesse Lane

Jesse Lane Draw Incredible Hyper-Realistic Portraits

Even as a hyper-realistic portrait artist, my goal is not to focus on a person’s outer appearance, but rather their inner emotions and thoughts. I believe I am drawing portraits of the inner soul, the truest version of one's self. The theme of my work is our common odyssey of...
Pet portrait drawing by Madeleine

Coloured Pencil Artist Specialise in Realistic Pet Portraits

I am Madeleine, a self-taught coloured pencil artist. I specialise in creating realistic pet portraits and my favourite subject is dogs. In 2017 I was searching for a hobby to de-stress, a new direction in life. I experimented with acrylic paint (which I will be trying again soon), pastels, watercolours...
Realistic drawings Portrait by Lotte Philip

Artist Lotte Philip exploring Portrait Realism

Lotte Philip, 22, is based in Norfolk, UK. She was born into a love for art that grew into a fascination for Portrait Realism. Lotte has honed her skillset by exercising her realistic style across Pencil and Oil paint mediums. The skill, love and support for her art has increased...
Hyper realistic animal drawings

Creating Realistic Portraiture Artwork of Pets

My name is Shay and I live & work as a full-time portrait artist in south England with the most beautiful surroundings around me. For my artwork endeavours, I go by the alias Shaymus which is a name that has stuck with me since my childhood. Recently graduating from university...
Draw hyper realistic animals

Artist Kerli Draw Realistic Animal Portraits

Kerli is a pastel artist from Estonia. She started drawing since she could hold a pencil in her hand. Every book with nature and animal pictures probably had some scribbles in it as she wanted to draw all the animals. She started to take art more seriously in her early...
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