Mind blowing Russian Artist Poluyanskaya Elizaveta

Poluyanskaya Elizaveta Russian Artist who Specializes in Photorealistic Art

Poluyanskaya Elizaveta is a Russian artist who specializes in photorealistic art. Photorealism is a movement that heavily depends on using photographs as a reference for the work. Artists use the photographs of real-life places or structures and recreate them onto a canvas with exceptional accuracy and precision. Through her art, Elizaveta portrays how truly beautiful this world is as well as the people who reside in it.

In recent years photorealistic art has started to gain a lot of attraction. Her favorite artist is Casey Baugh whose magnificent artwork revolves around the central theme of psychology. The artwork shows how an artist is capable of filling their work with a whole world of emotions. Elizaveta developed her career through exhibitions and competitions via social media platforms such as Instagram. Her Instagram page @poluyanskaya_art is filled with amazing artworks that leave the viewer in awe. Her art is inspired by the people and faces around her and the ones she comes across while surfing through social media or flipping through magazines. Her persistence to achieve her goals is something she takes pride in. She believes that art enlightens everyone around and helps to create a magnificent world of imagination and color. Art helps in spiritual connection and makes a person think out of the box.

Art and nature are a combination that has been around for centuries. Artists never seem to grow out of creative and innovative ways to draw, paint, photograph and depict their view of nature. No two works of art are identical; thanks to the drastically different perspectives of artists, due to which the beauty, and power of nature are often presented in very diverse ways by artists. Elizaveta’s message to her fellow artists is, “Anything is possible if you work hard.” This is undoubtedly true as your unique efforts always come back to reward you.

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Hyperrealism portrait of Natalia Vodianova by Elizaveta Poluyanskaya

Hyperrealism Portrait Tatyana Vysotskaya by Elizaveta Poluyanskaya

Magnificence photorealism art by Elizaveta Poluyanskaya

Portrait of Monica Bellucci in hyperrealism by Elizaveta Poluyanskaya

Realistic drawings Portrait of Audrey Hepburn in charcoal pencil by Elizaveta Poluyanskaya

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