Illustrations to reflect inner world

Herbert Staljanssens illustrator of a parallel world

I am a Belgian artist. Architect by training and art teacher. I make illustrations to reflect my inner world. You will always find our family with dog depicted in it. In that sense, they are illustrations of my parallel inner world. The titles regularly refer to this moment. The only time this can happen.

While drawing, I cultivate not-knowing. Out of curiosity, I am willing to accept the instability. Sometimes I start from something concrete and sometimes straight from the heart. But I don’t know in advance where I will end up. In the free association during the creation, I become acquainted with changeability. A series of surrealistic fantasy drawings is the result.

In short, a series of drawings from the point of view of stopping and looking. And to be present at the circle of life of creation and passing.
The path is now being created. It does not exist yet and is disappearing behind us. The path is the goal. ~ @Herbert Staljanssens

Be in the moment line artwork illustration by Herbert Staljanssens

Freedom to exist pen and ink surreal drawing by Herbert Staljanssens

Hug fantasy illustration by Herbert Staljanssens

I breathe, I live line art illustration by Herbert Staljanssens

Beautiful fairytale illustration art by Herbert Staljanssens

Amazing fantasy fine liner drawing by Herbert Staljanssens

Stunning fantasy illustration art by Herbert Staljanssens

Gorgeous magic realism line art by Herbert Staljanssens

Predestination vs Free Will surreal illustration by Herbert Staljanssens

Present surreal line art illustration by Herbert Staljanssens

Herbert Staljanssens Self portrait line art illustration

Surreal pencil drawing illustration by Herbert Staljanssens

The good life is a process Carl Rogers surrealist Illustration by Herbert Staljanssens

Tree of life pen and ink art illustration by Herbert Staljanssens

Material: Ink on paper
Previous Works:
Corona illustrations ‘There is always hope’ published in ‘Le Monde’ (May, June, 2020)
‘Parallel world'(Parallelle wereld) published by Bonte : 9 artbooks(2013-2021).

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