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Artist Danielle Beck Founder of the Art For Wellness Academy

A couple years ago I was diagnosed with psychosis, this condition causes me a lot of pain, I have terrible sleep hallucinations and insomnia – so I have had no option but to be resilient. The medication didn’t help me much and caused more problems than solutions most of the time but I discovered new ways to cope with my symptoms, through art. Art plays a huge part in lowering my anxiety and brings great happiness to myself and others. I create art to heal and cope with trauma and loss and to mostly to spread the message of hope and positivity. I love my pets and animals, so I draw them as a symbol to spread the message of hope, positivity and a sense of ‘you’re not alone in the world’ and even if you find yourself feeling isolated, like the robin and the flamingo you stand strong and tall (and with courage). I’m currently exhibiting at Bluewater in Kent. I’m open for custom commissions and giclee prints are for sale at

I created the Art For Wellness Academy as I’m very hopeful despite my illness that I can connect and reach out to those who are struggling with their mental health and encourage using art as an outlet. I have free resources for beginners, artists and creative business owners to download (You can find them at and in the Facebook Group – ‘Art For Wellness Academy With Danielle Beck’) They focus on how to draw realistically, how to sell art and how to overcome creative mindset barriers. I decided to share these resources for free because not only is art proven to prevent mental health conditions but I learned on a course by Dr Karima Brenemeur art improves your brain’s neuroplasticity, so art can even help you heal after brain injury, improves wellbeing, brain performance and brain health.

I also take part in community projects to raise awareness of mental health such as on World Mental Health Day recently with Charlton Athletic Community Trust where CAFC footballer Ryan Inniss and I opened the conversation about mental health in an Interview – you can find it here – The CACT provided me with art sessions when I was most ill and this got me back into drawing animals and pets. I also contributed my earnings to MIND charity, who helped me when I was at my worst. If you’d like to collaborate or request interviews etc drop me an email at I hope that everything I publish can help someone else out there to grow and encourage each other and hopefully that reminds them they can use art as an outlet. This is why I wanted to share my artwork with you.

There’s a couple of things that I would tell someone else who is suffering with mental health – Focus on healing your mind and body. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings and talk to someone you trust about it. Take your medication. Do what makes you happy. Take that step outside of your comfort zone. Don’t EVER doubt yourself. ~ @daniellebeckart

Bird Drawing Realistic by Danielle Beck

Butterfly on cat nose realistic drawings by Danielle Beck

Butterfly on cats nose drawing by Danielle Beck

Draw Cat with Butterfly by Danielle Beck

Butterfly on dog nose drawing by Danielle Beck

Dalmatian and Butterfly drawing by Danielle Beck

Flamingo drawing by Danielle Beck

Giraffe realistic drawing by Danielle Beck

Lion and Cub animal draw by Danielle Beck

Owl drawing realistic by Danielle Beck

Penguins drawing by Danielle Beck

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