Snuggable Art & Art For Wellness Podcast With Danielle Beck

The idea for Snuggable Art Collection came about when the artist, Danielle Beck, made a decision to make a positive impact in the world after developing severe mental and physical health challenges. Danielle shares her story and experiences to raise awareness and break stigmas of mental health challenges and also to help others learn how cope with and manage their conditions. The Snuggable Art collection is an extension of the Art For Wellness initiative encouraging art for better mental health and wellbeing for all – babies, children and adults.

There are resources and information that Danielle shares alongside her art that help you improve your wellbeing. The Art For Wellness podcast has a strong focus on mental health, wellness and creativity, as well as creative careers. Danielle brings on industry experts and professionals from a range of fields to discuss important topics and to break the stigma surround mental health. Listen to the podcast here – www.artforwellness.co.uk/podcast

Snuggable Art & Art For Wellness Podcast With Danielle Beck

Danielle tells us – “No matter who you are you are never alone in your challenges and it is absolutely okay not to be okay. We use all means at our disposal to spread this message through creating art and campaigning to raise awareness of mental health challenges with the art for wellness platform. I encourage leveraging creative coping mechanisms and building fulfilling careers from any sort of passionate creative practice. It’s been scientifically proven by the WHO that art prevents a range of mental and physical health conditions.

If you need professional support with your mental health, you can also see your doctor or contact amazing charities such as MIND or Samaritans to get guidance.” www.instagram.com/daniellebeckart

You can get instant exclusive free access to see more of Danielles art collection, campaign materials, live stream and even behind the scenes footage at https://www.artforwellness.co.uk/art

See more educational resources to build your creative career at www.artforwellness.co.uk
Wall decor animal drawing by Danielle Beck


Animal and birds drawings by Danielle Beck


Elephants drawing by Danielle Beck


Animals drawing by Danielle Beck

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