Clay Based Flesh on TrendyArtIdeas

Polymer Clay Based Flesh Pots

My name is Bea (she/her) and I live in Leeds. I'm a Ph.D. student and I started Tender Flesh last year, after being diagnosed with MS. I make objects which seem alive and which reflect the fragility of my own body. My sculptures are very personal to me as they're...
Myostery Handmade Cutest Ceramics

Handmade Cutest Ceramic Art by Myostery

Myostery has been composed of two artists since 2008 business started. Artist couple (we just married!) makes the cutest ceramic. We made Myostery when we are student of the University. We are major fine ceramics and fine art. We loved making some fairytales about the Universe, Sea, Forest, literature, Jazz,...
The Ceramic Pots of Jimmy D. Lanza

Handcrafted Ceramic Pots of Jimmy D. Lanza

The Ceramics of Jimmy D. Lanza are unique pieces of limited edition handcraft-design complementary fornitures even artworks create for a public that know how appreciate uniqueness and originality. Its style is linked to pop culture, symbolism and surrealism, with a baroque scent, romantically connected to nature. Including immediately the important...
Yuying Huang Ceramics - Leaf Collection

Yu-Ying Huang’s Ceramics Collection

This one is for my Lavender Fields collection of work. They are inspired by the beautiful lavender fields I saw in Provence, France during my vacation there in 2013. The glaze is to depict the scenery and landscape of lavender fields. Yuying Huang Ceramics - Lavender Fields collection The purple...
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